Restists group will not block the contract, they expect a meeting with the government party on Wednesday


They asked the government to meet them again Wednesday and July. Give them the final text of the agreement, which, if they do not understand it, is still fully prepared at this time.

"We are the first one who wants to get the highest number of civil servants to get higher salaries under the terms of the agreement, obtain approval to resolve bidding applications as soon as possible; as possible. Finally, but not only, our coordination of strike committees who always tried to deal with all civil services in an agreed way – because This is largely due to an increase in medical wages – unlike some of the other trade unions that the talks have shown very narrow capabilities, "said Počivavšek.

In his words, they find them in a part that have a financial impact, and they can be satisfied with the results that were achieved in the talks, and from the government they wanted two other commitments, and failed. The first one is linked to a better assessment of individual jobs agreed by government arrangements with some unions, with the same increase in uniforms; expectations for everyone.

According to Počivavšek, they wanted to agree with the government to assess the impact of these freedoms on the evaluation of other public sector jobs in the coming year. If they were found, according to the same criteria and with the same justification for a single salary class, other work should be evaluated, that they would be agreed next year, he explained.

They do not want an increase but are right to negotiate

"It does not always question any special measures, but we just wanted to negotiate its right in accordance with the same criteria and corrections agreed to by the government about better evaluation of some jobs, "he said. Accordingly, these jobs and these titles are over 160, with only four from healthcare activities, four from research, there were none from state administration, and also from the salary group J.

Secondly, they expected the government to provide financial resources for more operational costs. According to their information and knowledge; They are afraid that there will be funding difficulties in some parts of the public sector unless their commitment is happening until it is agreed.

Despite these requests being open, they have decided not to be able to; reinforce the integration of the two businesses in the agreement. Now now, they stated that there would be funding problems in 2019, that they will be responsible for matters in this regard. They also expect next year to assess the impact of the exceptions that the government agrees, to address the interest requirements of the government; there.

On Wednesday, the three unions, which agree on Monday with government dealers, have already started the strike agreement.

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