Results of Florida reporting: Bill Nelson is turning to the Senate race to Rick Scott


Scott stated the permit in a statement, saying, "I had just talked to Seanad Bill Nelson, who gave me a generous commitment, and thanked him for years of public service."

Nelson will report 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, his campaign published.

The settlement decides to determine the principal decision of the Assembly; fought well after the Election Day.

The Senate race – coupled with the government and state race for an agricultural commissioner – was reported to a week ago, but this statement did not make enough to Nelson and to more Scott's more formal voting leadership at 12,000. The competition was still within the status .25% for a handwriting account of addresses and disadvantages, however.

Nelson agreed after a closing date for the booklet statement, when all 67 areas in Florida would have to submit their final voting numbers to the state secretary, which means that all votes were considered according to the prevailing boards in the area and that the courts to be counted officially.

The result of the dictatorship dictator shows Nelson's 10,033 over Nelson. Before completing the book recital, Scott had a total of 12,603 ​​votes.

Andrew McLennan offers the Florida management race to Ron DeSantis

Nelson is allowed to come a day after Tallahassee Mayor Andrew MacIllum concludes the campaign for a ruler by recognizing that the Republican Ron DeSantis did. Blow blow; in Nelson, with the two main democrats to stand together in exile for counting all legal vows that were sent in Florida. His identity was; Gillum discovered that many of the Democrats in the state believed that the fight was over.

The termination of Nelson's termination is in his position almost two positions in the Senate, where he was recently an adult member of the Senate Commerce Committee and previously he chaired the High- Assembly of the Assembly.

Nelson has been a residence in the Florida politics for over four decades, serving as a member of the Florida Producer House for six years in the 1970's before going to the US House of Representatives in 1979, where he served for 12 years.

Nelson was preventing spending in a race that could be up to $ 100 million just for TV ads, according to CMAG data.

And it was a prime goal for President Donald Trump, who considers Florida one of his states due to Mar-a-Lago, his private club since 1985. Trump detailed minute trips to Florida to help Scott, co-operate with the Republican and DeSantis government in Fort Myers and then at Pensacola during the final weekend of the campaign.

Scott, who is a wealthy independent, has uploaded $ 68 million on this string, and # 39; $ 27 million burying Nelson.

But the Democrat outside money for Nelson after his / her primary school, with Senate Major PAC, investing nearly $ 17 million, Priorities USA supporting him with just over $ 8 million and his & her; going on significantly on $ 5 million due to Nelson.

The guns and the environment took place outside in this race. Scott and Nelson both put pressure on political algae fractions; affecting the state's water trails, hoping that a group of environmental voters would be erased in the state. And guns have taken a big part in the state after Marjory Stoneman was killed deadly at Douglas High School in Park, Florida, leaving 17 dead.

But some of the most powerful advertising in Nelson came to connect Scott to her; President, assaulted by the government.

There is one Spanish ad for Nelson to show Scott a & # 39; shaking the hand of Trump. Rick Scott and Donald Trump are "really good friends", the advert says – good friends.

The assaults appeared to be working, as Scott had to respond by sending away from the President.

"When I do not agree with President Trump's doing or saying, I said that," Scott said in an advertisement. "I have the same promise to you."

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