Results of North Yorkshire lottery 22/11/2018


Results of North Yorkshire lottery 22/11/2018. Review the results of North Lottery short and right on the Life & Legal website.

Northern Constabulary Lottery Awards at 18h15 a day

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Results on Northern Lottery on 21/11/2018

Results on Northern Lottery on 21/11/2018

A traditional lottery is our first lottery brought out in our country in 1962 and preserved today.

Lottery tickets, numbers, letters for buyers who are previously printed are to participate in the prize. In particular, the decision on winning results is made after giving lottery tickets.

At present, our country offers a 5-digit number from 00000 to 99999 with 11 prizes from eighth prize to special awards, special prizes and promotional awards.

Please note, the winning prize will be awarded to the winning wins 5 consecutive numbers from the unit to the special prize (tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, ten, units) of the special prize (Tickets are the numbers hundreds hundreds of miles). For example: there is a special prize result of 999999 tickets for purchasing buyers of 299999 so the winner of the special prize.

Tickets will be awarded for just a few tickets (hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, ten, units) compared to special awards. receiving a special prize). For example: the 999999 special prize prize for purchasing buyers is 999992, 999929, 999299, 992999, 929999 and so it's a concert.

The lottery is divided into two sections, a lottery lottery and a lottery within 1-2-3.

The North Lottery is the type of lottery the machine chooses, players can run a series of digits; Choose numbers, including 3 sets: It is a & # 39; first number number from 1 to 0 from 9; The second digit is a digital 2-digit number from 00 to 99 and is a digital 3-digit number; in the third digit from 000 to 999.

Lottery prizes will be awarded to billions of dollars, with special prizes to & # 39; The cost of the three numbers worth 100,000 times worth the tickets.

Compared to the North Lottery, bingo lottery players have the right to choose their favorite numbers to participate in the prize and ask the seller to enter the lottery ticket. The value of the face of dual-ticket lottery tickets, with 5000 VND, 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND and 50,000 VND numbers.

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