Retained by Renault and Nissan


In Japan today, one of the most powerful directors in the equipment department was arrested,

Carlosa Ghosna.

Japanese researchers questioned suspicion that he had been in & # 39; monitor and hold on, report foreign media organizations.

Several months ago, the investigation into Nissanu, where Ghosna and the representatives of the group were present

Greg Kelly

suspects suspicious or suspicious Unauthorized matters. It intends to provide information about security security; record values ​​and cover sums of receipts, and it is said that Happiness is The use of company assets for private purposes, with Kelly involved. Anomalies should last for a number of years, STA reports.

The allegations were shaken by markets, Renault stock lost more than 12% on the stock exchange in Paris. Today, there has been no impact on news on Exchange Stock Tokyo since it has risen after closing this stock exchange.

Ghosn was involved in the effective restructuring of Renault and Nissan in the 1990s, and due to a strict security policy, his name was named "cost-killer". In the autumn of 2016, the company successfully met Mitsubishi. Ghosn is famous in Japan as the main Japanese engine division advocate, and under his leadership, his federation has taken a step in close cooperation with the German Daimler (Mercedes-Benz).

Ghosn was preparing promptly to resign his position, as in the last few months he started to distribute individual appointments.

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