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Due to the non-confidentiality of the death of a road accident crash and other crimes, Mr Richárd ordered the arrested person in the Central Buda District Court on Thursday, because he confirmed and re-enforced the risk. The final order is not.

Richard Richards leaves the main street of the Buda Middle District Court.Photograph: Balázs Mohai / MTI / MTVA

According to the Budapest City Court Court in Hamburg, Mr Richárd is still well positioned as in 2015 there would be road traffic in Andrássy Avenue in Budapest, in the Budapest, poorly hosted town .

On May 15, 2017, he also damaged his & her; Another unacceptable carriage in front of it, in Budapest, on the Gyzrgy Burning road, passing over the speed. The accident caused two people to die, and more people were wounded. It is also believed that M. Richárd was in a position; drug wear by 15 May 2017,although this has not affected its ability to drive ".

After a casualty accident it turns out that

Richard Richards's driving license was temporarily remitted by the government office of his capital, as the recorded points that were suspected of the prescribed lawsuit revealed.

In addition, M. Richárd wanted to get his driving license, so he sent to an overwhelming person to arrange to recover without the necessary conditions.According to the genuine statement, M. Richárd was trying to liberate money from the unstable effects of criminal crimes on the Dózsa György street accident. But they were scared.

Another person went to the one who helped take over Mr Richárd's permission, and, unfortunately, he created the view that he could agree with a police officer who could affect his / her case .

Both asked for 1.2 million points for their co-operation. Finally Richard Richards gave over 300,000 toints for one of them, who gave the money to the other to the police.

But he did not have a personal friendship with an official, he spent the money he received.According to the order, M. Richárd traveled back and forth for a medical medicine in November, without permission, at Budapest restaurant several times. The court found that the one who was suspected again, severely breach of the rules of oversight of crime and his / her. thinking that the purpose of personal freedom could only be given to those who are suspected of using the most severe measures.

According to the order, Mr M. will be arrested until 22 December 2018.Write a legal company to & # 39; Richard Richards represents in his statement that the one is suspected "ill ill, heart surgery that threatens life ", and to a degree in this context, several months later, Discrimination disputes from a criminal offense to the office of the public prosecutor with the aim of appearing on medical remedies. They said that he stopped for a short time before or after a medical medicine at a restaurant that was owned and operated by him, so that the time was not to be spent. Attending a medical medicine with a higher lawsuit.

They also reported that the new crime to which it was charged was almost one year and a half,but he did well before hearing the crash at Burning György Street – if he did at all ", so a question arises as to why they have now suspected M. Richards in his / her; this case.

Richard Richards was punished several times, his housekeep was extended several times.

In mid-October, the Central Court Banana Court brought a case against the defense of the György Dózsa Street that was suspected in mid-October. (MTI)



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