Returning Oriental Blackballs, Tops in Top Prints & Stories


Recently, there has been an increase in viewing the oriental chicken horns.

These brushes with the black-haired plumag and their large cascades come from Singapore and are currently listed as a hazardous threat to the Red List of Threatened Species.

Although these birds would be seen especially in the eastern parts of the island, as in Pulau Ubin and Changi, they are now spread to the west of Singapore.

These scenes show that the number of these rare birds is grow, and change to a more urban landscape of Singapore.

Many of our native wildlife, such as the horns, have suffered from developing and generating primary woodlands. bent fast.

The challenge for the authorities is to find a balance between development and conservation.

These horn scenes typically show that the authorities could get this balance.

It also demonstrates the success of conservation efforts in Singapore, as projects for the resettlement of the horns have been. play a lot in the revival of the species.

It's really something to mark the country.

Alastair Chan

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