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Although it's safe to think that there is a lot Odyssey Creass Asasin fans had been disappointed to learn about Ubisoft's decision to put the game A serious event that goes on to go ahead; For the future, at least the first DLC players have the title of the activation campaign; Looking forward to content behind. With this case, the publisher and the developer have decided to give more people an idea of ​​what; First extension, by & # 39; Allow a laptop for its DLC First Blade Legacy.

As set out in the search below, Odyssey Creass AsasinLegacy of First Blade will be used to & # 39; His first program, "Hunted", to bring players into the story about Darius, deadly king of the Xerxes Pashse in the series, and his. The first lawyer is to use an elegant hidden blade Next "Hunted" available for downloading to start on 4 December 2018, and it will be the same as the # first program of three for the DLC First Blade Legacy.

After your release Odyssey Creass AsasinThe next week, "Hunted", Ubisoft will then upgrade the second installment of First Blade, "Shadow Heritage", and its third chapter, "Bloodline", by Spring 2019. After the story of Darius on tie up next year, the publisher and the artist are aiming to send out AC OdysseyThe second major expansion, The Fate of Atlantis, also has its three programs reaching six weeks apart.

Everything that is being considered, it will be interesting to see Odyssey Creass Asasin Welcome fans to a Legacy of the First Blade, but if the quality of a plane similar to the game is basic – which has got high reviews – then add-ons should benefit your community; game. Despite this, we need to wait and find out how big a TLC Ubisoft has entered OdysseyFirst DLC.

Odyssey Creass Asasin Now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft North America – YouTube

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