Revealing the Earth's Amenity of the Earth and the Universe


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Researchers appreciate age The land reaching 4.54 billion years with an error edge of 50 billion years. For comparison, galaxies The Harbor Route the solar system is about 13.2 billion years old or three times older than the age of the Sun and Earth system. Although age is estimated to be & # 39; world-wide age 13.8 billion years old.

This figure is derived from the resulting output; bringing together research in Earth and place. Efforts to explore the age of the Universe have been going on for 400 years. However, efforts to measure the age of the Earth are not easy. Only in 1953 found that researchers were successful in Earth age completion at 4.54 billion and that year.

Previously, they had attempted to determine the age of the Earth from changes in sea level, salt water levels, and by measuring the temperature of the temperature. Counting the time that the Earth needs or does not; Sun cooling. But with existing technology, this method of measure was not inappropriate. Given that the sea level change is a process that is constantly changing rather than having a & # 39; phased out over many years.

Then they try to measure the age of the Earth from exploring the oldest rocks on Earth, to search for rock data on its; Moon and meteorites that landed on Earth.

Rock case

However, rock research itself has difficulties, because the Earth's tectonic planes move them. This brings to & # 39; rock is constantly updated. So, their first rock is hard to find, because they are recycled, melted, and created in new rocks.

When trying to watch the rock lines of the Earth, there are other obstacles called Great Unconformity. Experts find that Earth's rock lines such as the Grand Canyon, for example, are prescribed in the time order. The rocky layer in the deep canyon will lose 1.2 billion years of rock.

There are many explanations for why these rocks disappeared. In 2019 one of the studies estimated that this stone was lost as a result of the Ice Age that caused glaciers to decline the rock lines at that time and cause the fall- this agreement. Tectonic plates will then push the rock that was destroyed into the Earth's adults, and # 39; removing rock marks than a century and making it a new rock.

In the early 20th century, scientists have developed the research process with the process of having a & # 39; radiometric age measurement. As a result, the oldest stone products are currently available in the northwest of Canada near Lake of the Great Slaves, 4.03 billion years of age. However, rocks with 3.5 billion years of age are found in different continents in the world.

Although a group of oldest minerals in the world was found by a group of Australian researchers, that is, one billion years of cycocyte circus crystals. However, this mining resource is still not available. The result of these stones and minerals is the oldest of Earth's boundaries. As this planet is definitely older than all its content.

A first living creature

So when did the first thing live on Earth? One of the findings in West Australia shows small filaments that were found on a 3.4 billion year rock. ages that are considered as fossils. Some studies show that Earth's life is in a position; start even earlier.

There is an iron ore in volcanic rocks in Quebec that shows microbes that lived 3.77 and 4.29 billion years ago. Researchers who saw rocks in the south west of the Sun saw a structure similar to that which was considered to be surrounded by microscopic colonies around 3.7 billion years ago.

Spanish Objectives Data

To find out more about the age of the Earth, surveyors try to measure from age to moon. As a result, it is considered that the content that creates the solar system is created at the same time. By analyzing the components of solar systems scientists believe it can be in memory of the creation of Earth's history.

So they tried to obtain evidence from the moon that had not made many changes to the surface of the surface since its first created. Their habitats do not disturb the rocks on their surface; Moon since its first moon was created.

The Apollo 11 matches in the US and the Luna mission to Russia show that age of moon is stretched from 4.4 to 4.5 million years. This indicates the age of the Earth.

In addition, researchers investigated meteorites that fell to Earth. These things come from different places. Some come from other plans after a great disaster. There are also those who have left them since the early sun system.

Over 70 meteorites are monitored by radiometrie. The oldest meteors are 4.4 to 4.5 billion years old. This rock is taken from the meteor crack in Arizona. The meteor fell over 50 million years ago.

In 1953, Clair Cameron Patterson, a geocemistry scientist at the California Institute of Technology, measured the proportion of major isotopes to meteorite specimens that gave more detail to Earth age and were estimated to be between 4.53 billion and 4.58 billion years old. Scientists explain this time; the solar system needs to evolve gradually over 50 million years. (age)

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