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The rising star, Rami Malik, has achieved an international reputation, especially after he has been nominated for the Oscars for his post in "The Bohemian Saga".
But despite its success, the life of the actor of Egypt is " carries a lot of badly bad, which includes the death of a father before he sees his son while & # 39; He will play a big star in Hollywood, according to Russia.
Rami, 37, played his father's place to make sure his family had a good care. His two brothers, Sami, accompany him to the Oscars next week.
"The family is very close together, and indeed the couple, Sami and Rami are very close together," said the star actor, a close friend. When the father died, they said, they became very tied. Rami was near his father, who was always encouraged to stay close to his family. His mother, relatives and cousins ​​are proud of his accomplishments and achievements. "
The star, who won the best Actor award in "Baftas" earlier this month, was talking about the joy of his parents to act as an actor. They wanted to continue working in a range of rights or remedies, rather than "social and physical settings". But Malik said: "Because I'm amazing and sad, they say, I chose to play art and theater right." He continued to defeat his brothers, and started professional work about 15 years ago, with voice chipping, and serving as a serving in restaurants. Before Freddie Mercury played in "The Bohemian Saga," Rami Malik was not known in Britain, despite his reputation in America, and thanking his main role in American television drama " Mr. Robot ".
Rami recently gave his mother a promotional tour of the film, two years ago with his cousin to the Emmy Awards.
His father, Saeed, who died in 2006, worked as a tour leader in the capital of Egypt, Cairo, before going to the United States. He stayed in Los Angeles and made a moving job, and Rami's mother worked as a accountant. His father also liked to keep up with his family in Egypt, where he woke up regularly at midnight to talk to them.

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