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Has recently been released by Apple company with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the new one iPhone XR He went back a few weeks ago in Chile and promises to be one of the best Christmas presents that come. Despite being an "iPhone of the economic range" (compared to the XS and XS Max), we would say that it is meet the goals that an average user might need because it has a working system A12 Bionic, which is simple words that make better performance and greater fluency in & # 39; Using high-level apps such as games, more real-day applications, videos or multi-day applications.

Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the XR LCD screen is slightly lower compared with this. However, it is balanced with 6.1 inches Retina Liquid HD with the backlit screen to the edge of the machine. As in the iPhone X, in this module, the Touch 3D was removed and replace the new technology Face ID, which is the user's face scanning, & # 39; Provide more security with a face-to-face when they protect the device, and buy in the Apple Store, and # 39; opening apps or online purchasing.

Initially, it seems that it's harder to get iPhone from 3D TV ID facing but the change has grown almost automated and ultimately it's a? get used to it that it did not cost anything, because the buttons are more than the start screen quick access to flashlight and camera (Apparently, two of the greatest features required by users), as well as easy accessibility control center in the right part of the screen.

An battery to ensure that self-dependence is just an hour compared to an iPhone 8 Plus and in everyday use this is effective, even when you go to it; using several screens at the same time, including music or videos. It can be placed on the USB drive or on a Qi wire carriage (which is not included).

It also includes the option of dual SIM (ie the nano-SIM and the implementation of eSIM)

You do not have to pay more for expensive photography equipment or to be a professional photographer to make good pictures, and this is one of the major concerns of creators in the new field of & # 39; smartphones and that's why the iPhone iPhone XR is 12 MPs will build a built-up TrueDepth opening a lens that flows from f1.4 to f16 that is a? Providing more depth in the design process and for its face-to-face f28 (accessible) for obtaining that professional connection to our images. On the other hand, thanks to the A12 Bionic team in HDR mode, perfect match between the light and shadow game will be achieved. In contrast, videos are recorded in 4K and 1080px HD, which does not mean they are </ p>; taking more place on the phone from the iPhone's operating system; reproduce automatically.

In summary: the new iPhone XR is the usual phones, with a great deal for hand handling and has a better camera that gives more transparent colors, and combines perfectly with the AirPods and with the Look Apple.

Exhibition: yellow, white, coral, black, blue and (product) colors of a network

Eating: 64, 128 and 256 GB

Reasonable price (Reifstore): from $ 749990 for 64GB and $ 899990 for 256GB.

Here, we'll leave some samples of pictures in a & # 39; normal mode, design mode and iPhone iPhone XR camera selfie took:

Your summary is here of the general assignations of the iPhone XR


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