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"Even after shooting, more women were given to women in the Swedish news media," said Sefer Yilmaz, President of Fair Trade, in a press release.

The media review of the justice, Justice, and & Looking for her continuing fourth year that women can talk in the media to a lesser extent than men. However, from the last survey, the number of women has increased by 1.6 percentage points, but it is too slow according to the organization.

Sport at the bottom

There is a better sexual divide in sex among those who may be nominated as civil servants in articles. In terms of those who can pronounce themselves in an expert role, 7 out of 10 men.

The report also shows that the best species division in cultures and entertainments is 46% of women and 53.8 per cent of people and sports have a worst distribution: 20.9 per cent of women and 79 per hundred people.

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