Review of staff involved in the project to build a HCMC Staff Academy


City Chair HCM, Nguyen Thanh Phong, has conducted guidance to complete the review of the maintenance of legal provisions in the process of submitting work under the HCMC University (now the HCMC Office) .

In particular, Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong agrees with the conclusion of the inspection No. 36 on 24-10-2018 of Home Inspectors.

From the conclusions of the survey, Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong asked the Committee's Committee of Audit Committee; Clarify Party Party without voting by the Academy staff Party Committee unanimously on the policy to do so; choosing contractors No. 5 – Binh Minh Building Company at its meeting on 7 March 2018, not according to group activities and activities; Party and Law provisions on Provision. Report the results to the Standing Party Committee; At the same time, please contact the Action Committee of the Public Committee Party.

Review of staff involved in the project to build a HCMC Staff Academy - Picture 1.

HCMC Staff Academy

The chairman of the HCM City People's Committee also called for the HCM City Academy's director to investigate and write. clarify the consultation of the project (Society of Civil Engineering and Business Planning Company Company) and Food Adviser (Company). Long Building Estate Advisor) identifies a "conversation" in the report on the selection of contractors who are in charge of the " Failure to comply with the requirements of its application application. recommends the museum to be able to accept the level of its. charter; Restrict the provisions of the application law.

At the same time, in coordination with the Home Affairs Department, the Audit Committee of the Town Party Committee will review and clarify the duties of the collections and individuals according to the management of staff a & # 39; ongoing in the shortcomings and breach of the application of application applications. full; The involvement of advocacy functions does not meet the conditions.

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Head of Human Rights Committee stopped the process of trying to do so. Choosing contractors for the "Building, supply and installation of a home appliance" package; In order to make changes to the requirements of similar contracts in the application applications, the amount of inappropriate suggestions, they will send an appeal to; "Building, installing and installation of a house-house device installation" application pack "in accordance with regulations.

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