Review of the bee: the Transformers movie fans have been waiting


When the Bumblebee was first boosted, the original amendment adopted that it would be just the same and a great way to keep it. But then he hit his first rushes and slowly changed. Expects & # 39; 80s-set Transformers film, which summarized the Generation 1 designs and influencing character work, began to hope that the film could have been on the screen. wait.

So this is a remarkable solution Bumblebee to exceed all expectations and its; Delivering wonderful, emotional, exciting film that runs like the best live work Transformers film so far, far.

If you grow up with them Transformers, the five minutes of your opening will want to jump out and jump with pleasure. The director Travis Knight initially uploads images to & # 39; a cartoon pilot to show the war on Cybertron – and it's getting frightened on her & her; immediately. It is a statement that's a # 39; Love your knight on his love, but also that he is in love; stamping himself on the movie from a visual perspective and the way in which they are shot.

In fact, the plans are black, uncertain, and instead we will get the black colors and faces that are immediately known to those characters so dearly from their childhood. We see Soundwave and Shockwave to & # 39; Direct the Decepticon cost as it can be seen in the trailer, and so by publishing again they would destroying the wonder. However, a particular time is going to look at a prime prime minister – and Optimus bills have not been this time.

There will be sudden events to land, where we are introduced to Burns Iain Cena, and the training work has been severely arrested by a strategic fight, leaving a cormorant in a way more than one. It's a bit deeper to the & # 39; normal routine, armor and Cena (who has been acting as a post of strong support roles) plays sympathy and anger. a good character, promoting sympathy rather than just & # 39; the bad man & # 39; South Westerly

It is the heart of the film although it aims at the relationship between Bumblebees and Charles (Hailee Steinfeld), and here is the film that appears. By setting the movie in the 80s, it's a & # 39; provides an opportunity to attract more space in terms of the characteristic statement and development. The activity will take place in a small town – a global situation for some of the best films on that decade – and the film has a great impact on its onslaught, with E.T. been so obvious.

Charlie is outdoors and alone alone, who fails to connect to her new family unit, length & # 39; It suffers from the ordinary group of middle-class girls in the school, but what does it mean? giving such a problem that she is suffering from all that as a result of a riot.

Just like Travis Knight did with his beautiful animation work, in particular Kubo And Two Dunners, it builds and resumes its & # 39; Opinion on family and relationships with power that breaks heart. The connection Charlie is creating with & # 39; Bee & # 39; becoming so strong that it is near being able to & # 39; pouring scarce or a few – even just as she can put a face in the neck. It is a testament to Steinfeld's performance and Knight's guidance on the CG that they can give a new life to the yellow bottle.

In fact, there are plenty of activities and scenes too, but the decision is to maintain the number of Transformers and human characters to their legacy; Contribute to the money needed to invest for the films. And, as mentioned above, Cybertron's games have games – which happening on a much larger canvas than we have seen before – guided by the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) the original robots in cover as ever the fans want.

For documentary reasons, two new Decepticons are added to the debt, which spends the time of the movie; stay up to that same name. The pair is severely breaking off; cat-and-bee mice attack, but does not fall into some of the previous stereotypes – and unfortunately to prevent him Transformers films. It helps them to have their preface; sees a brilliant event with an impressive Autobot – which affects the need for the trauma of the movie in 1986 on many of us as children, Most of the original line was killed to make a place for a new toy … tough, characters.

Cooking eggs do not have a & # 39; stop there, although the film is full of sources – but because they are all made of love, they do not feel they are; feeling a crisis or a fight. The Breakfast Club, The for example, show how he wants to do it in many of the movie films, but it's only when you connect to Judd Nelson and Hot Rod that you do & # 39; understand how well they are. In addition, a very good quality & situation is 80s, which is largely distributed Bumblebee compared to most photographs – insufficient criteria are not included in the tops and coal sackets, gives almost no quality without movie.

Indeed, the soundtrack is an abomination, but teenagers are still around the globe to find provision in a hearing The Smiths to tackle difficulty and loneliness – and it's good to think that a whole new generation could be a " find their way to such a Dewar for Features and Duran Duran through a new one Transformers film. At the same time, Dario Marianelli's score is to add a bit of John Carpenter's system to events, adds to the richness of the film in a simple way.

Bumblebee It has been successful at many levels, with content that suits young audiences, those who have grown up with Bay Bay films, as well as original fans. It's definitely high for his vote, and # 39; impact on balanced activity with drama. And although some of the comedy is not enough, it's more likely you're too busy to hit the air to care.

Bumblebee opened in UK cinemas on 26 December 2018

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