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French | Updated on 11/11/2018

Here are the main news on the Moroccan newspaper front page published on Tuesday:

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Air transport: African companies to solve Africa's shades

There is a huge concern for activists to release the continent. So, for Royal Air Marocessor, Abdelhamid Addou, this breakdown is about looking at one market as a turning point for the African air division. It also helps ensure that the project is a n; formatting, submitting to & # 39; Transit that a non-African company is now on its mainland. For Abdelhamid Addou, this is also a major challenge for the department. "African business leaders should work to improve airport infrastructure and offer quality, new technologies, as well as aboard service," he said.

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RISSALAT AL OUMMA (Courrier of the country)

Hydrocarbons: an increase in energy consumption in 2017

National consumption of petroleum products came to more than 11.6 million tonnes in 2017, or 55.9% of national primary energy consumption, against 10.8 million tonnes in 2016. In 2017, national spending was estimated to assess natural gas at 1.15 billion cubic meters, compared to 1.16 billion cubic meters in 2016.

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Social dialogue: There is no steady increase in salary

In the context of "a" blocking "of the social dialogue between the government and the unions of the producer, the Minister for Work and Integration, Mohamed Yatim, said he hoped that a route would come from waived unemployment and that he would receive agreement with the unions. The minister emphasized that everyone is interested in being able to; continue with their social dialogue to break down, saying that the government's office would always always be for the unions to find arrangements. For trade unions, social dialogue is not only valuable with its results and not results in general wage increase. end

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