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MeIf you've never played a Pokemon game before, it's a great place in the Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee Pokémon. If you've played previous games in the series, but just a recent mobile sensation, you may want to discourage it. It's a game; in & # 39; Let's Go & # 39; who attempts to drag on the & # 39; Chianalas fans from Pokémon Yellow, giving them the quickest and simpler version of Pokémon that they can think. The perfect game is likely to be played with your child to bring Pokémon for the first time. It's not a Pokemon game that will not give players or competitors to compete; Looking for a real cause challenge to turn the time into the game but to look at what might be in the future for its permissions.

How many you like as you like & Let & # 39; s Go may be tied to your age and knowledge of the series

The wild success of Pokemon Go is obviously promoting this information. It's not really secret that it's a game; in Let's Go Pokémon for people who enter the license. The current goal is that the people who came into the Pokemon were introduced into the game in 2016 and show them what they should expect from consolating of the game. For people who keep their / her; Classic Gameboy stays, they get two or two. First, there's nostalgia when you find out that this is close to the same game that has been released for the years. The enhanced HD visual vision will look good at the Switch, but everything from map design to NPC characters has changed. The scenic scenery is beautiful, it's a great example of what the Pokemon game might look like on the Nintendo Switch. It's not up to the level of Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, but this may have been the best ever-made Pokemon game.


That nostalgia is going to hit you like a few bricks, but it seems to be turned off when you're going to go to # 39; Understanding this Pokemon experience is a lot of things. Where many game developers are struggling to get a & # 39; making accessible and profound things to apply for different types of players, Pokemon Let's Go for a & # 39; first one. It seems that the chance to go to # 39; Using the largest web that is currently, and in the process, he thinks it's a # 39; avoid fans of the series.

Let's Show us a "real Pokémon game" like Switch

Wild Cattan has grown largely. It is a new place than it is said to be a Pokemon mobile system into the Nintendo Switch. This works better than expected because the controls moved on the Switch. There are real ways to play the Play Pokémon. You can play it in a handy mode, which allows you to play with the undocked Switch and you accept Pokemon by clicking on it. Using the buttons opposite the attached ties-joy-con ties. You can play in a handicapped mode with the virtues that are close to the screen, using control of control to throw motion when you want to capture Pokemon. Or can you play in a double mode, do you use one side of the Joy-Con to make an image of the campaign that is taking a Pokemon throw. This basic game feature is really fun when your time started with its game, but it will be pretty fast because there is little difference in what needs to be done in the game. here. Throw some sheep out to keep your discussions up and then try to get the Poke Ball in a winding circle. Things that are not so simple. Some of the changes to your XP increase your lightweight score by making huge emigrations on the same Pokemon, but this main mechanic is very fast.


There's also another way to play Pokemon Let's. You can buy a Poke Balloon that works as a game manager, called Poke Ball Plus. The add-on $ 50 does not have a very effective activity for a game that is important in Let's Only Go to & # 39; move the player just a bit more. Instead of using Joy-Con, this little add-on is a # 39; allowing the players to throw the ball to break it instead. For many golf clubs, the Poke Ball offers players the opportunity to; Play all aspects of the game from world exploration to capture and play Pokemon. struggling with other trainees. There is also another activity. You can also insert a pocket inside a poca-poke and take a tour. A small feature, but a feature that is. Mew Pokemon is just there, so it's usually looking at one of the Pokemon characters behind the support add-on.

A catching system will move moving to an old age after a while

Most of the Pokémon Let's Go is based on the capture of a Pokemon and a small game; throw Poke Ball. Leveling itself is simplified to complete the entire piping of the entire party every time you take a new one, and these creatures will go to the next. retaining much of the landscape. You can see them in different types and species that run around each section. Look at a man you want to catch, just run on to get started to play a little game game. Look at one that you want to avoid by catching the capture combo, and then running away from it. This in itself is a great travel from things like wild battles that you would have to do; fought in a fight based on Pokemon in the past. There is no real challenge to capture Pokemon in Let's Go, it's probably designed to be so easy & as possible, and an induction tool starts to & # 39; Welcoming greetings after a short time.


What should the slack be built, but not, that its expression as a conversation system is based on a simpler conversion. Depending on the version of Let's Choose, you will find the same Pokemon you get to do through the game. Both Pikachu and Eevee can learn a special move that makes any other Pokemon appearance comparable. They can not improve it, instead you have to decide which series of motions you want to apply for this character. Despite this, the war blogs are based on turning your expression as something that gives you a person's introduction to the species. This side of the game has little challenge if you just want to lack a strategy in your party's guide. There is no effect for any activity you take in Pokémon Let's Go. Do you want to develop your Pokemon to the highest? They just do not want to make them an advanced stone. Do you want to save a special Pokemon at power level? They will only give them food without decay. No, you can just enter your peet session with your Pokemon, and # 39; affect them with the control of their move or a # 39; feeding things to improve their abilities. I can take it in, how beautiful it is for Pikachu to have pets and to see it on your hands, the commercial capacity for such a mechanic may not be needed.

Game Freak made a little effort to add attractive features to long-term fans

It is clear that all this simple is transported from a mobile version of its game. However, it does not seem that this is the game that Switch owners hope it would be. It is not clear why Game Freak could not try to serve everyone with Pokemon Let's Go. By contributing to a contentive content of games, wild battles, breeding, larger pokemon, or any number of features from previous games, They could be kept into players for more time. Pokémon Let's Go is an awesome example of accessibility in play in 2018. It's a game that's up to date. in Pokémon Let's Go that was designed for children. But Pokemon is not always a children's game? Are children getting more interesting? Game Freak does believe it is accessible, you have to remove anything from & # 39; game not modified or up for player interpreter? If so, it is unclear if this method is to be carried out to a large main line poker game that will; coming down the line. It is possible that there is money in a king, and the money made from Pokemon GO could have on mobile phones on this series forever.


Pokemon Let's Take some of the Pokémon series's main buildings and bring it to the Pokemon-Lite experience. Although this approach may be OK for a mobile game as the audience has a broader target, those who choose to go a bit more in play and play; Buying a hard-working consolation for expecting a bit more. You can change your settings at any time. Continue Change your settings Find out more Links Help Accessibility Help Sign In to BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Radio &



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