Review taken from sources after scandal with Japanese actor •


SEGA decided to halt the shipping of the famous Japanese Judgment game, such as Judge Eyes, to sources and decided to remove them from digital sources.

This decision about SEGA follows a recent scandal involving an actor who has born a character in the game, Pierre Taki, who was arrested for taking cocaine together. to Gematsu.

In Japan, laws against drug use are very bad and if a famous person is taken too much, his or her work is removed from public eyes.

In this instance, SEGA says that you have been notified of, and are confirming, the police report but they decided immediately and voluntarily the game. the removal of digital shops; all the men who put away on Twitter are all born.

The company claims that it shares their definitive plans at a later date.

A review has been arranged for the 25th June and SEGA remains to decide what to do in relation to this section. Your team can be set up or back at this time and take the character Taki off judgment.

When Yakuza 4 Japan arrived for PlayStation 4 in January 2019, SEGA was an actor who gave life to the character Masayoshi Tanimura after he had been banned for eating cocoa.


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