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▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Photograph / Narrator Yan Zhenzhen)
▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Photograph / Narrator Yan Zhenzhen)

The election comes, the government is in the name of a & # 39; ban cash calls, and tight control over the overflow financial streams. The three ministers will be headed to the Yuan Legislative project report next Monday (October 22), and relevant written reports will also be circulated. Yang Jinlong, a central bank and president, emphasizing the demolition of China's foreign exchange asset and that there are no regulatory powers and regulatory measures. However, individual banks can carry out risk-based measures to strengthen the review of case sites.

FSC also said that it does not focus on the mainland. Usually, as long as the client is & # 39; Collaborate to provide explanations and reasonable information, it will not affect the application of its funding. Finance Minister, Su Jianrong, said that public banks should deal with border-rate pay-in-line in accordance with the legal provisions in relation to Money Recovery and Serious Crime and Control. However, they did not rigorously examine the payments and collections of Taiwanese companies to the mainland, requiring innovative qualifications. Despite this, it is forbidden to rely on the service, etc., and to respect each bank's manner according to the law.

On 22 October, the Yuan Legislative Home Affairs Committee will invite MAC leaders, Financial Governance Committee, Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Justice and other services "to ensure opposition to the government to prevent the impact of foreign currency at the end of the end of the year's elections. The special report on the misunderstanding of the Gold Stream. At the same time , the Finance Committee invited the Finance Ministry, the Financial Control Commission and the Headquarters of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Justice to provide specific reports on how they would use the public stock bank to ban money waste and rigorously review a gold stream in Hong Kong and Macao.

Before going to the Yuan Legislation report, three Treasury management services will report in writing. Yang Jinlong, headquarters of Central Bank, stressed in his report that China's financial account has been opened, and there is a purely financial money that is not involved in changing Taiwan's new dollar completely. free. Included in the trend and export of Taiwanese new currency interventions, international exchange receipts and trade payments and services are totally free; investment is directly authorized by the competent Government Ministry of Business Affairs, and access to and leaving property completely free; After investing from domestic overseas investments on Exchange Stock Taiwan, its property is completely free to enter and leave, and Chinese people can invest in foreign securities through financial centers such as banking, security, insurance, and investment banks.

Yang Jinlong said that a banking business manages their homes in accordance with the "Money Dispensation Act", "Prohibition of Control and Control" and the "Financial Institutions to stop Money Compliance Measures" and other applicable regulations, and then according to "foreign commercial income and expenditure or activity set by a central bank. If the client accepts the receipts and payments or payments between -national of $ 500,000 NT, and historical exchange receipts and payments or business reporting mode set by the main bank, will be reported on the appropriate provenance content. An historical exchange data reporting system is reported on. Bank is broadcast with banking business as fair statistics of payments.

A banking business accepts the confirmation of a subsidiary from a mainland, and it is permissible to be able to; using "historical exchange receipts and payments or business reporting mode". The relevant payment, etc., is not exempt from payments or articles that are allowed by law. Yang Jinlong said, since overseas financial business business is part of the "People's Relations between Taiwan and the mainland" regulations, in accordance with cross-border rules and related regulations, subject to the competent authority's agreement , such as direct investment of the head of the Ministry of Economy or the head of the financial management committee. Investment investment investment sites can be processed after a review by the Ministry of Economic Affairs or CIRC's licensing documents and reinforced by its banking business.

Yang Jinlong also emphasized that the adjustment of the relevant reporting regulations as amended on 27 March 2017, and new or revised regulations had not been able to prove money from the mainland. Therefore, a funding bid can be made following a foreign exchange probation position with its central bank. There is no control authority in the & # 39; moderate bank and steps. Individual banks can also strengthen the review of case sites in line with their own risk control measures.

FSC also said that when assessing the risk of a cash cleansing or a terrorist risk in a variety of areas, financial bodies will also add the information that will be distributed by international organizations as well as the national risk assessment report. For those with higher or more polluting angles, they can take appropriate measures based on a place-based principal rather than mainstream focus.

In addition, in operation, as long as the client is experiencing a & # 39; cooperate to provide explanations and reasonable information, it will not affect the investment of money. At this time, when the bank implements appropriate AML / CFT control measures for non-ordinary or consumer and higher risk businesses, if their dedication is paid or if Reasonable interpretation is given to the financial stream, the services or business will not be made relevant. Affect.

In his written report, Finance Minister, Su Jianrong, said that the public stock banks were working together; preventing money waste and the terrorist face to deal with cross-border payroll work, and reinforced the information of the authorities and payments in accordance with applicable regulations, reviewing consumer applications, and understand the purpose of the salary. And nature, for dangerous customers or suspects of cash cleansing features, considering consumer backups and day-to-day trading patterns and other reasons, will require the client to explain a wealth of wealth and wealth if you are Do you believe you are? think you're thinking you're Thinking you're taking rubbish or bursting, you have to tell passive things.

Su Jianrong said that the public stock banks involved in the Ministry of Finance should handle cross border handling work in accordance with the provisions on the laws and rules of ban and cash vowels, and strictly under review Especially on payments and collections by Taiwanese companies to the mainland, and detailed provisions need to be completed. Confirmation, or is prohibited remit and included. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is an administrative administrative body, and in principle it addresses banks according to the rules, and will continue to & # 39; urging relevant public banks to handle international and other related operations in accordance with the Financial Administration Commission's rules on cash vowels and terrorism.

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