Revitalizing technology may detect any type of biopsy cancer and less than 10 minutes



The current methods of cancer infection have been particularly aggressive; and although there is a way that will monitor the blood DNA in the blood, it is still in the stage of development. So, a team of Australian researchers have created a similar way to diagnose any type of cancer … although the amazing thing is less than 10 minutes . The work was published Natural Communications.

The work, led by Abu Sina from the University of Queensland, is based on a special DNA signature that appears to be common in all types of cancer. And although there is a promise as it detects a shortage of time, clinical trials are required to see if the test can be done in humans.

Cancer DNA

All types of cancer and others have genetic characteristics. A cancer diagnosis may not work in another. As a result, researchers have been looking for a common point among the cancers to develop a diagnostic tool that can be used for all types.

Finding this new research that DNA produces a special structure when it is put into water. The structure is the same in a DNA of chronic, prostate and disease symptoms, as well as lympoma.

Almost every cell in DNA is the same DNA, but studies have found that cancer progress has resulted in a large re-registration of this DNA. This change is particularly evident in a small small-scale dispersal pattern called a methyl group, which is a. decorate the DNA.

A methyl pattern in addition to the normal cell DNA is essential for maintaining its tools and maintaining its duties. It is also responsible for the execution and removal of genes. Changing this pattern is one of the ways in which cancer cells are & # 39; manage their own diversity. This methyl pattern was previously studied. However, its impact on a solution (such as water) has never been investigated.

Using the electronic electric microscopy, the team noted that the discharged DNA pieces were placed in three-dimensional water structures. These were different from what they saw with the normal dNA in the water.

Your relationship with gold

In the surgery, gold fragments are commonly used to help detect biological molecules (such as DNA). This is because gold can influence molecular behavior in a way that causes obvious changes in color.

"We found that cancerous DNA is closely linked to gold, which means it is tied to gold fragments," Sina explained. The Conversation. "This product has taken us to develop a test that can detect cancer DNA in blood and knitting. This needs to mix a small amount of DNA that was cleared with a slight amount of malnutrition of mother disease gold. "

Strangely, the color occurs in just five minutes and the DNA that is on its lantern can be seen by the exposed eye.

In addition, the test will also work for an electrochemical detection, when the DNA is attached to flat gold icons. Because DNA has a greater relationship for gold, it provides a current electrochemical signal related to a normal DNA compared. This electrochemical method is very sensitive and, ultimately, it can also be used as a diagnostic tool.

However, for this test to work correctly, the DNA must be purely clean. To date, researchers have investigated over 200 samples of weaving and blood, with 90% of correctiveness. There is crucial importance to ensure that there are fewer points of beauty: to find cancer when there is none.

The following steps

It's the cancer types that b> Scientists surveyed were only chest, lymphoma, prostate and disease. But because the methylation pattern is similar to all types of cancer, DNA seems to be the same way to respond. "It's a promising start, although additional exams are needed with more samples to try and try their clinical use," says Sina.

The next step is to make a clinical examination to understand how cancer can be found at an early stage based on this new DNA signature. The team is evaluating its & # 39; Ability to find different types of cancer from the physical waters from early stages to advanced cancer levels. In the same way, it may also look after the medication responses.

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