REVIVE – Victoires de la Musique 2019: Bigflo and Oli, Jeanne Added and Angèle for the Winners


Here is the complete list of the 34th Victoires de la musique …

Male artist of the year

Bigflo and Oli

Etienne Daho

Eddy from Pretto

Female performer


Christine and the Queen

Vanessa Paradis

Showing a view

Taxi Therapy

Clara Luciani

Tim Dup

Exhibition Schedule

"Brol" by Angèle

"Îl" from Foé

"Roni Alter" by Roni Alter

Album of different songs

"Chris" from Christine and the Queen

Alain Bashung's "All-Up"

"The Mess of Things" by Alain Camfort

Album Rock

"The Fowler" from theine! Chatterton

"The Rescapés" by Miossec

"Radiate" by Jeanne Air

Album of urban music

"Cure" by Eddy à Pretto

"The Dream Life" by Bigflo and Oli

"Nakamura" by Aya Nakamura

Album Rap

"Blessing" by Moha La Squale

"Lithopedion" by Damso

"XX5" by Georgio

Album of the World Album

"Fenfo" le Fatoumata Diaware

"CALL" Camellia Jordana

Delgrès Delgrès

Electronic music album

"Dancehall" by The Blaze


"Super 8" from Synapson

The original song of the year

"I think you're also" from Boulevard des airs

"Midi sur Novembre" by Louane and Julien Doré

"Djadja" by Aya Nakamura

"Odd dreams" by Orelsan and Damso

Impact of the year's concert

Eddy from Pretto


Shaka Ponk

Creating audiovisual

"Alright" by Jain

"Odd dreams" by Orelsan and Damso

"Forgotten all" of Angèle

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