Rheway has found a new club!


The opposition against Slovakia, Martin Réway, will continue to reside in the Azerbaijani second Tingryds AIF.

The team of the Allsvenskan team has finally been able to report a twenty-year-old player on its official website. Réway is expected to go to the Friday team. Rheway went into the two-game game for his MŠK Hviezda Dolný Kubín youth club in his & her; year and seven support in the third highest home tournament. The season started in a Hradec Králové jerseys outside of Czech Republic, but with a co-operation he finished for his health problems.

You've been worried about a long time, Rheeway left out for heart problems during the 2016/2017 season, in the games only played in 23. He spent his & # 39; most of the year last year in Slovan Bratislava, where he played 18 duellan in KHL with a benefit of five points (1 + 4). Previously, he was aboard the AHL overseas for five matches behind Rocket Laval, where he left for his own request. Réway is a thirteen producer of SR, a World Championship member 2014 and 2016, and a bronze medal from the 2015 students.

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