Richard Gere is a father of 69. His son was born


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In the first instance, Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva confirmed that they were both in the first year. When your two were private life, the actor manelka stopped, and in December she was in a position; stay in Instagram with a picture of her throat. Panlsk's first time, magazines Hi!

Richard Gere, the son of Homer (18), his mother is an actor, manelka, bayeller of Carey Lowell. They separated in 2016 after thirteen years of marriage. With her first husband, Cindy Crawford, who was not in 1991 and 1995.

Alejandra Silva m mac Alberta (6). Exmanel is the father of Govind Friedland. Alejandra and son of an American activist led a majority in 2012 and a division was later a few years. At the time she met Richard Gere.

Silva as well as an active Bosnian user, despite the fact that the famous actor was personally involved with the Dalai Lama Tibetan Tndzin Gjamccho (83). This one, like the first year in the year, has learned that both will be brought to the world of a boy.

the handbag, which has been the idol of many en, is just straight. This is the most funny, sensitive, affectionate, watchful, inexpensive and generous one of my experiences. What is it? I'm in love! How would you get respect if anyone else asked: What did you do today? Nemine one day when he does not tell me what he will do for him. "I'm really big," Silva went down in one of the talks.

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as well as an actor. I am the wild hunter in the Amazon. How can not I be. I am brutish with a brutish, intelligent, sensitive, which helps people, get rid of them, triples, tears away, and it's a chef. The best salt on the world! It is vegetables, mammals and pane, that is, from the blood of blood and blood, Cervantes and Buñuela. I do not know, Gere explained.

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