Richard Oland was pleased to be at # 39; Dennis's son saw the hours before he killed


Chris Morris, Canadian Press

Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 12:16 PM AST

Last updated Thursday, November 22, 2018 1:48 PM AST

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – On the sadly killed day, Richard Oland, a multi-millionaine businessman, built on work at Saint John's office and appeared happy when his only son, Dennis, was -step to consider genealogy and Oren family tree.

Over seven years later, Dennis Oland has been proven for the second time for his parents' death at that time in 2011, and the prosecutors have told court money that the reason her.

Maureen Adamson, assistant Richard Oland at the time of his death, had been arrested for a day of two days; order of Oland's murder on Thursday, describing the daily work of the office in Saint John an uptown who was including monitoring of money Dennis asked his father S-

B a & # 39; The first one found the body on the 7th of July 2011. Oland, 69, was hit 45 hours, most of his head, with an unprecedented weapon ever.

Adamson said Dennis was making interesting payments only of $ 1,666.67 per month on loan of over half a million dollars. Richard Oland had expanded when Dennis was in a tight financial position due to a civil divorced several years earlier.

In advance survey by the guardian Michael Macy, a new member of the Oland defense team, Adamson gave an account of what she knew about the relationship between his father and son, saying he could not see the signs of a tough and troublesome relationship. 39; the prosecutors will get.

Adamson said Dennis Oland was not often visiting John's uptown's father's office, but when he was late in the day on July 6, 2011, murder – it seemed like Richard Oland was happy to see.

"A lively hello, & # 39; Hey Dennis & # 39 ;," said Richard Oland's outcome for the man who was sent out after her murder.

"He was happy he saw him."

Adamson said that both estates were applied to research. Dennis was going into the family tree, stretching back to its roots in Britain. And the heirs are one of the most famous business families in Moss, where they were involved in a beer; 19th century breeding.

Richard Oland was chief executive of Breweries Moosehead in Saint John, although he left his company in the early 1980's. Adamson said he was worth about $ 37 million.

On the day of her murder, she left shortly after Dennis Oland arrived at about 5:30 p.m. Since then, there was a father and son alone in the office.

Dennis said he left a little after 6:30 p.m. and went back to his home in Rothesay, on the outskirts of his town. He told his father policemen well when he left and he was firmly maintained that he was innocent of crime.

Adamson said she thought the father and his son got out well.

"In addition to the normal objections of most people with family members … I thought they were getting well," said Adamson. "I've never seen that weight I've heard last (through the first test)."

Dennis Oland, 50, was convicted in 2015 about the murder of his father's second step after a monthly trial. This conviction was suspended by an application in 2016 and a new order was confirmed.

The second test test was cited before it was first started this week. Terrence Morrison's Justice of New Brunswick Court of Queens Bank said "jury" was in the jury election process. He discovered that St. John's police officer's coordination files for Fiscal executives were to be able to; get into an internal police database to investigate lawyers and fight with directions from the Canadian High Court.

The Crown was not involved in the investigations incompatible and immediately informed the defense and the judge. Morrison is now listening to the test.

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