Richard Oland's master describes desirable attempts to go to; reaching a night's death night in certification


Dennis Oland arrives at the Law Court in St John, N., on 29 January, 2019.

Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press

The woman, Richard Oland, had been trying to find out that he was said to have been angry and then; feeling how she tried to reach a mystery every time in the hours after he died in office.

The certificate recorded by Diana Sedlacek, who was an estate businessman in Saint John who was involved in Oral for eight years, was played when Dennis Oland was recalled Tuesday. Oland, 50, has been convicted by his father's second degree murder on 6 July 2011.

In a period between 6:44 p.m. on July 6 until July 7, Sedlacek told the court about the text messaging that Richard Oland's dictator met from, sworn and threatened to call his home, pray to him.

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"Stop this right and answer your bad phone," texted on the 6th of July, at the time the police believed Richard Oland was dead dead on the floor of his office. Saint John, who was killed with his back back to his head.

Later on the next day, after she looked at Richard Oland's car to pull out her & her; His office park with the police, wrote, "I love you. God is with you my love." A protest, praying. "

She said she was scared she could get a heart attack.

The procurator proclaims Sedlacek's certificate from the first Dennis Oland test in 2015. In agreement with the Oland defense team, video stations of a number of witnesses are shown at the new test to save time.

Oland was convicted in 2015, but the declaration was seconded on an application in 2016 and the second case was ordered. It is held before the judge only at St John's Court Queen's Bank.

The defense did not overseen Sedlacek.

Patients have told the court that they believe that Dennis Oland's anger about father-related issues has contributed to what they say as "killing".

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Many Sedlacek text messaging and the answers, or a lack of response, are also used by recruits by Richard Oland to help set up a timeline of the multimillionaire final hours.

There were no voice conversations between Sedlacek and Oland on July 6th 2011 – there was a total communication between texts through their iPhones.

The messages start happily and famously in the & # 39; earliest part of July 6.

"Morning Lixxxx on Goldn Gun," reading his note to Richard at 9:08 a.m. Sedlacek added to a & # 39; court said that this was a "feeling term".

"Did Zu get a note?" On Our Journey. "

Oland and Sedlacek were planning a road trip to Portland, Me., Further on & # 39; that month. Most of the worrying arrangements worry.

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Both Sedlacek and Oland were married to others.

His last message to Richard Oland, before being telephoned, at 6:44 p.m. – prime time in the murder investigation. Dennis Oland, the last one to see his father alive, just left the office a few minutes before that 6:44 text, on his way back to his home in Rothesay.

The test has already heard that the last message to the Richard Oland filtered phone was away from a tow in Rothesay near Renforth Pier, where Dennis Oland stopped his way home to see if the children were there .

Sedlacek did not receive any responses to her messages to Richard Oland over the afternoon of 6 July 2011.

Oland was 69 at the time of his death. Sedlacek Oland, a member of Scotland's beautiful seagull family, explained as a quick skipper and talked about his love on sailing.

It is expected that the test will be held mid-March.

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