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High Tech Park: Thu Thiem's ​​two-generation sister

At the meeting, many of the voters who were freed from the Tech Zone project (CNC) said that many of the things that have happened; in this project to & # 39; Ongoing, even two sisters of the new urban village Khu District project Thu Thiem.

Tran Luc Tran, who represents many families in the region, said: park: "Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of the HCM People's Committee, visits the families in Thu Thiem, we are really keen to carry out their project. There are many similarities to Thu Thiem Park and CNC projects in terms of breach. In particular: land use planning maps on both projects are not agreed by appropriate authorities in accordance with the land law when the state is back. Both projects do not pay compensation, resettlement support when they pay compensation to the people; They do not give decisions to give land back to each household and the same stone, uncertain appearance of the land in the border, outside the border …

At the new urban district of Thu Thiem, people who claim that every 5 streets in 3 wards outside a border; project and 4.3 out of school inspectors are recognized by the Government Inspectorate (TTCP). At the CNC site, people are complains that 112 hectares are found outside the migration and 41 ha outside their Premier's boundaries.

"The two projects, in the written response, used by government over 90% of the area have completed land licenses, there are signs of seeking action to protect illegal people, causing corruption Many years ago, Mr Luc said.

Right in Thu Thiem: Desire to do too - picture 1Land conversations, compensation and resettlement are one of the hot things that HCM City deals, such as Newer Territory, High Tech Park, Viet Viet Town District.

Lai Minh Tuan voted that his family would get 2,224m back2 The decision was made by Mr Nguyen Van Dua (Former Chair of the Town) in 2003, length & His house was near Namang Huu Nam Road, not near the project. "I recommend the National Assembly's representative body to monitor the implementation of legal regulations on building land in the region," a & # 39; praise Tuan.

At the same time, Truong Thi Lung (Fourth 5, Tan Phu Ward) said that the authorities have compensated land zones for road protection only 80,000 VND / m2 (although the project is up to 350,000 VND / m2). Initially, the road width of more than 100 m, was arranged to 60m. Land of the people recaptured deserted!

Write right then

Responding to the votes, the Committee Chairman of the 9th Tran Van Bay Committee, as well as Thu Thiem, said after the conclusion of the investigation on the # 39; CNC project, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has set up an interdisciplinary workforce. On October 8, the host agency invited invitations to make a complaint, please contact, the decision of the Chairman of the People's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City and to obtain comments on the content. to legal rights of 41 ha people. However, many houses still agree with their home policy. Its host will continue to & # 39; reporting to the landlords and responding to their children.

With regards to the CBD zone, Mr Tran Van Bay recognizes that the land was 107m long and then changed to 60 m. Dissolution and re-appointment work is consistent with the regulations, but voters want the remainder to be reimbursed to the people or higher prices, not to be abandoned .

City Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam's HCM Chairman of the People's Conference, for some trial and trial missions at the SHT urban area project, Thu Thiem has implemented a land revival project, compensation, resettlement For the SHTP project, Sustainable Committee of the City Party Committee Correct the execution of the correction according to a & # 39; Prime Minister's decision; principle to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of the people. The situation of the Standing Party Party Committee is wrong, it must be resolved, it is difficult to repair and correct where it will be right there.

"Right and right here is based on the right law provisions. In the process, the agreement of people and state interest," she stressed.

"We will use a series of major projects such as Thu Thiem, CNC, National University …, when there is evidence of people, there is a reasonable confirmation, there must be a review that can not stand. The implementation of the Previously correct term, the account process has been correct. We do not turn every record, but we record that people confirm that the table is not right, they need to listen and review, "said Tam.

Crime at high-tech zone project involved the old president of the town

According to the First Minister's decisions, the Ho Chi Minh City Committee, relevant departments, the Governing Body, CNC and Area Committee 9 people have lost many mandatory procedures for planning, revitalization and land division under the Land Law, and it is not true. At the head of Prime Minister in the Àir Determination. 989 / QD-TTg dated 4 January, 1998 to & # 39; Following to objections and telling the people. The inspector's decision also shows that there was a deficiency in the implementation of his / her; The Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Chairman's project, which fails to raise plans for compensation, a portion of damage and resettlement. Land is brought back to people.

Right in Thu Thiem: Desire to do too - picture 3

Who stole a dream of Thiem Thiem people?

"Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet's decision should give people a dream to stay in the Thu Thiem landscape to return even late," said Nguyen Bao Mac , military adviser. the chairman of the People's People City City Nguyen Thanh Phong meeting at a meeting of 50 homes in three wards of Khanh, Thu Thiem and Loi Dong belonging to the new Thu Thiem town area on 14/11.

Right in Thu Thiem: Desire to do too - picture 5

The People of the Post Office are a expect a broad survey of the Thu Thiem project

"We know about the Government Investigators, we believe that the courage when their first lawyer and the excused town were. The people who are expecting the complete survey of a project You Thiem, "Tran Thi My (Age 77, living in Area 2, HCMC).

Right repairs in Thu Thiem: Also worthwhile - picture 7

Mr Nguyen Hong Diep was just meeting Th Thiem people

At the meeting of nearly 50 homes in the Thu Thiem urban district, with the Chairman of How Minh, People's Committee, Nguyen Thanh Phong, was chaired on November 14, Nguyen Hong Diep, Chief Executive Officer. The Central Commission for Early Recovery of Citizens Early in its emergency, compared to its links; He used to use it.

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