Rihanna and Childish Gambino Combined in a movie, a & # 39; first pictures


Picture credits: Bestimage

That summer, as long as loyalists had a & # 39; Dancing to the sound of "One Kiss" and "I Like It," Rihanna went to Cuba to accompany the musician and musician Donald Glover. A picture taken by the two artists together, and set up the rescue in front of the lens, quickly went on the web and welcomed the social networks. Romance shoes featured in the magazines, but according to local papers, this secret meeting would have taken place in a professional context: filming a new film, which could be baptized "Eilean Guabha". If the baronian syrup has been playing for months on her ninth studio record, she will not forget her cinematographic career, which has turned another from "Valrian and Cit na mil planta" Luc Besson and her 4 million – aired in France last year.

The director has control of "This Is America"

With this clutch, a quiet radio … to this weekend, the Pharos festival event that took place in New Zealand on November 23rd and 24. Created by Donald Glover in 2016, the event marked by a search broadcast to confirm "Eilean Guabha". The film was directed by Hiro Murai, behind her camera for her & # 39; "This Is America" ​​is a clutch with Childish Gambino, the musician of Dòmhnall Glover. Amazingly, the project is clearly stamped as "Childish Gambino" film on the first images captured by a spectator and released on Twitter. The story, which is carried by the spirit of the festival that includes this single image of Havana, focuses on the great life of Donald Glover, a penal artist. Rihanna will include her lover, and she will actress Letitia Wright ("Black Panther") and Nonso Anozie supernatural ("Game of Thrones", "Pan") to complete her & # 39; program. Publication date is not yet advanced but fans have already warned.

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