Rihanna is a bikini entry only, part of its sub-door collection (PHOTOS)


Rihanna will publish pictures in Instagram, which are just in bikinis and socks. She showed a wild model from the collection of Savage x Fenty under revenge, the Daily Mail statement.

Her old lover, Chris Brown, has inspired a dispute among the singer's fans, describing the pictures on the social network. For nearly 10 years he was arrested for attacking Rihanna.

Rihanna with a sad house on a charities member (GALLERY)

Chris Brown was arrested for his case again

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Beauties are tied to the New York Fashion Week subdivision. She has been trying to encourage the women to go to # 39; accept their bodies as they are. The collection also offers large sizes. At the wild event, it was represented by various modules, whatever their body or clan.

Dolce & Gabbana apologized to all Chinese people (VIDEO)

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What would be the chances of a "Met Gala" charity member of the 2019?

Andy McDowell returns to podium fashion (PHOTOS)

Tanya Ilieva is a perfect shape on the EVA cover

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