Rionegro and Junior played a real game


From the beginning of their game, the young people were very demanding, minute 6 Teofilo Gutiérrez call for the first time in Juan Valencia's goal. The ball went overseas after a cross was struck out of the corner beat.

7 minutes later the first choice came to the locals of Leando. help Jhonny Vásquez, who gave a long distance slack.

Rionegro started control of the member and in the # 39; A 16-minute minute, Carlos Ramírez finished his left turn and gave a second warning in Sebastián Viera's defense.

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The game stopped frequently due to the number of problems that occurred in the first 20 minutes.

Luis Diaz won the goals of Junior goals, looking for the Águilas goal and had a clear choice in the 19th minute when he finished within the area, after a great help from Teófilo Gutíerrez.

The two Díaz / Teo did not stop being disturbed by the local protection that was sometimes a little unhappy and began to generate a place that was in the past. sharks who had a & # 39; coming near the gun.

Jarlan Barrera was essential in the first minute, because he was often a Looking for empty passes left his two hands out handy to open the scam.

To close to & # 39; first part, in the 41th minute, b & # 39; Marlon Piedrahita was the chance, the player tried from mid-distance, but the threw was protected by the left.

In the first time he got 0-0 closed, Rionegro needed to be relaxed because he had the weight; on every independent barranquillero.

For the second half, Águilas Doradas went out to look for their game and created it. First chance in the 46th minute.

Everything showed that a & # 39; party was moved in the second half and although Rionegro was looking for his & # 39; In case, Luis Diaz's goal broke the ball in the 49 minute minute, the ball fought on the left, inside the area and right-handed on the right hand side on Juan Valencia.

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The sharks & # 39; but another three minutes to expand their range in the Alberto Grisales, the Jarlan Barrera playground took a huge hit after a great help from Teófilo Gutiérrez.

In the 55 minutes, Leandro Velázquez tried to reduce the difference with a header that was left to the left of the Viera goal.

The youngsters were confident and without 20 minutes to the end of their game, Luis Diaz got the 0-3, Complete the advantage of leaving the small chance for Rionegro to come back.

In the 82th minute, Águilas Doradas held his case, but the protection of the young people was very hard.

3 minutes later, Carlos Ramírez welcomed the locals and placed the 1-3 part with a good leader. In summary 88 2-3 came, Rionegro closed, but it was too late, although his attacks were out after him in the last 10 minutes, he turned his attempt to the girl , but left the open series for her game in Barranquilla.

The second leg will be played on November 25 at Barroquilla Metropolitan starting at 5:15 p.m.

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