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Financial institutions, such as JP Morgan and Signature Bank, are developing their own system for instant payments, Explain what San Francisco company expects to be.

JP Morgan may be able to express himself on Ripple, which will expose it. The development of systems to move away from boundaries, BloombergTV's belief, Joe Weiszental, believes. Not the only one who believes that the future of the XRP console is in place, since large financial institutions prefer their own platforms instead of & # 39; using blockage services from San Francisco.

"If the structure, blockchain and base for banks are successful, JPM Coin will completely destroy Ripple," said Weiszental.

The famous cryptocurrency expert, Whale Panda, agreed to him, who explained that JP Morgan did not avoid Ripple because he made a similar system, but did not. using the XRP well. Max Kaiser Analyst praisedwithout losing JPMcoin XRP.


Self-citation Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright sayswho has a painter who can be & # 39; Limit the right to provide cryptocurrency from the US bank. Also, represent representatives from Signature Bank based in New York to CoinDesk that they have been going to & # 39; Using the technology JP Morgan launches for two months.

The company works with the Signet blockchain-platform, which is a. currently licensing business between customers. At this time, more than 100 people are using it, and their accounts have more than $ 250,000. The system operates on various private ethereum, such as JPMcoin. The two steyblekoins gave up the American dollar to count 1: 1.

These systems, indeed, will perform the same actions as the system from Ripple, but not to # 39; using XRP buildings. If large-scale financial institutions start working through their own platforms, the source of San Francisco customers will fail and there will be no reason, because it focuses specifically on the banking department .

Head of the Ripple Breed Garlinghouse already answer JP Morgan plans to launch JPM Coin. He said there was no voice in bankruptcy and explained two situations for use.

"One time: all banks in the world will be able to release their competitive and geopolitical differences, agree to use the same digital resource, agree with their rules and adjust it appropriately. Two (most likely) situation: banks that are not the first group to install their own digital property with their own set of rules and control, "Garlinghaus explained.

He also said that if banks want to deal with each other, they need to change digital special money for Fiat. According to Ripple's headings – this is very unhappy.

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