Riquelme: "A game is no longer important"


Juan Román Riquelme, idol de Boca, said he was very sorry for the screen with the attack of the whites and the events that finalized the Copa Libertadores final against the Monumental River. In addition, he said that the most important thing was that attacked the health of the players.

"People are, their game is no longer important, the most important thing is that a player is not badly injured, since it was the time of the Boca court (the program of piping gas in 2015). I can not believe how we can live like this, he would have to be a party, "he said in a conversation with Channel 13.

In addition, the Torero added to him: "I am tired of seeing everything that happened, to see people throwing stones and not stop. We must thank that we do not have Boca players. I can not believe what happened. "

On the other hand, Riquelme responded that the game needs to be played, but that it will be ruined by what happened. "It's a game, it's a fun. Win who won a man and played 90 minutes. Instead of being proud that the two largest teams in the country in the final, we have to talk about this, "he said.

Eventually, he pointed out the idea of ​​an River who was not willing to start their game if the opponent was not in a position. "If the Boca players were in a position to play, watch (Marcelo) Gallardo, who is a quiet person, I think he does not want to play until the boys are in a position"he finished.

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