Risk of an accident – a Senegalese community petition that was set up in the USA against the airline DELTA … Big talks on “Modou-Modou” … t


[11:11, 12/3/2019] adamajournaliste: As can be seen from these images, the Senegalese community that lives in the USA has started a petition against the American airline Delta Airlines. Send emails to people who have learned from the basics that the plane that is approaching Dakar New York Dakar has recently fallen, trying to find out more.
Follow the video and interesting events!
A strong community "Modou-Modou" based in the country of Trump, is hitting out, asking the Senegalese authorities to work before the start of development.
Beginners of this petition were speaking after Friday's New York prayers at Mosque Keur Serigne Touba.
One of them appears in other places in this video that these frightening times stay in this aircraft are still new, but not silent.
With the captain, another Senegalese said that it often goes down before he reached it.
So the Senegalese came to America in getting blood of ink and calling authorities the "Telegram country" first President Macky Sall.
We have made efforts to reach the leaders of this company.

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