River-Boca, Copa Libertadores: what do you need to know about the final of each time?


Libertadores Cup Source: NACION LA – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

Next Saturday

The River



to define a & # 39; new casualties

Copa Libertadores

From the 17ths, in the Monumental Monument, a new edition of the superclassic will be played but this time it will be special: this is the first time they are going to play; appear at the moment of the war.

Marcelo Gallardo and Guillermo Barros Schelotto have any doubts in creating the creatures. Ignacio Scocco on the river, injured, or Rafael Santos Borré, is not hanged. Boca Cristian Pavón will not be able to injure, who was injured in the first 2-2 of the first leg, that is the reason why; Mellizo issues a big question: Darío Benedetto no Carlos Tevez. The only thing for the place still in agent action.

Borrea can not give a warning in the first leg, Saturday
Borrea can not give a warning in the first leg, Saturday Source: Archive

Time and how they look at their game

The superclassic will begin at 17. In Argentina, you will see with Fox Sports and do not need to have your soft plug as in the Super League. With the applications of different cable operations (Cablevisión Flow, Play Direct or Play Play) the game will be online.

Outside, according to the country, the transformation format will change. In South America, Mexico and some of the United States will be spotted by Fox Sports.

The prospectus: what time will the open doors and the security work?

The security work starts at 9 am
The security work starts at 9 am Source: Archive

From the outset, the major security work in Monumental, which will have 1300 police and 900 members of the private company with which the River works. At 9 o'clock in the morning they close near the stadium and open the doors at 13:00, four hours before the game starts.

The suggestion for fans is that they will start as soon as & # 39; as possible. It is essential that they carry the document and the entry; if not, they will not be able to overcome the three security routes. As reported by the Núñez club, those who do not have the document correspond to the one on the ticket, the induction will be held with the police.

A police is also based at a Bombonera and the hotel will be xeneize, where it is located; Expect a mark when the team left for Monetary. The only thing in the Obelisk area is the strange moment of the festival.

Opportunities for milliard fans

The places that the members need to submit
The places that the members need to submit

The club was telling how the reach for fans. Those who go to the Sívori public gallery (the normal, high, medium and low) center must go through the Angel Labruna bridge. Le Figueroa Alcorta and Monroe, San Martin's views (high, medium and low).

Football members will make one hundred years (high, medium and low) for Quinteros and those who travel to Belgrano (high, medium and low) and the place that are popular (medium and low) for Udaondo.

"Consider careful viewers: Do not use flares, pyrotechnics and avoid synthesis xenophobic", River demand to its fans

During game: VAR, a & # 39; expand and punish

The VAR will be used if it is illegal to prevent the archers from moving forward
The VAR will be used if it is illegal to prevent the archers from moving forward Source: Archive

It is not worth the double call despite drag. In this way, the person who buys the winner in the 90 minutes. If applied, for any product, an extension of 30 minutes (two hours of 15 & 39). If you maintain equality, it will be explained by penalties, with an original series of five teams per team. There is no gold focus.

The empowerment is that VAR works in a sentence defined by penalties. So, the archers could be scrapped if they proceed. If someone already had a yellow card in the game, he could be turned off.

The referee is Uruguayan Andrés Cunha. Nicolás Taran and Mauricio Espinosa (also charruas) will be with him. The fourth referee is Víctor Carrillo (Peru). Those who are over the VAR Leodán González, Esteban Ostojich, Richard Trinidad and Martín Vázquez, are all over Uruguay.

During a game: the people who are losing it

Gallardo sees a box game
Gallardo sees a box game Source: Archive

Both River and Boca will disappear from the fields. In the xeneize. the previous Cristian Pavón, was injured. In a millionaire, Marcelo Gallardo is with Santos Borré (sanctioned) and Scocco (injured).

Unlike the first step, where it's not; He can go to the Bombonera, Gallardo could be in the memorial. You can see a box game, but you can not communicate with your colleagues. Matías Biscay is the coach that sits on the bay.

With a special show: the marks and the World Cup

Izquierdoz and Martinez, a duel that will be repeated in the memorial
Izquierdoz and Martinez, a duel that will be repeated in the memorial Source: Archive

Security agencies expect that the shows are mostly in the stadiums. Whatever Boca or River is coming out of her & # 39; In fact, the aim is that most of its fans will go to the Bombonera or stay at the Monumental. However, Obelisk can be worked according to the large number of fans that may come.

The gamekeeper also qualifies for the World Cup, which starts on December 12. They are currently waiting for Real Madrid (the Welsh League reception), Chivas (the Concachampions concert), Kashima Antlers (the Asian Supervisor), Esperance de Tunis (American Amateur witch Afghanistan), Wellington Team) and Al-Ain (a "Arab League Champion"). The final will be played on December 22 in Abu Dhabi.

What will change in 2019: final only

The final between River and Boca is the last one to play with touring games. From the following year, the Copa Libertadores will be explained by one game and a pre-planned place. In 2019, Santiago de Chile.

The weather, to be aware

There are no risks to water for the weekend
There are no risks to water for the weekend Source: Archive

Unlike what happened on Saturday 10th November, the scheduled date for its first leg, the weather is expected to be a very nice weekend. His first final was arrested by a heavy sun and played a day after that.

While he was wet this Thursday, there is no pre-water for the weekend. It is bigger: it is expected that a temperature of 21 degrees on Saturday, with a great fall at night, reflects on one or another celebrations.

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