River Boca river plays on the deck


At the end, it did not finish. And who's never known. With a view to preserving sports equality, the Americas Football Championship (Conmebol) stopped without a deadline the big definition of the Libertadores Cup that played the River and Boca at Pàirc Monumental Sunday and met the nobles on Tuesday morning. of the two groups, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and Daniel Angelici, to a new summit with a representative of the continental continent, Paraguayan Alejandro Dominguez, at the headquarters of the entity in Asunción.

Conmebol expects the game to be played on Saturday 8 December.

But Boca will try to collect an account that can be seen from 2015: in a show before the South American Football Regulatory Organization's Appraisal Unit requested that the highest penalties & 39; consider in Article 18 of the Regulations and therefore, there is no discussion at the game's points meeting and is provided in the current glass deck .

In principle and so World D established from safe resources, no part of Conmebol would be provided for the Libertadores Cup to be defined from the field and not to replace the River as they understand that the attack on its & # 39; bus can be enabled by failing security

Most of all, Núñez's club had put a good tax for the themes that some of its fans had organized, but it is expected that the American title will be settled through sport and not with the administration.

"My opinion is that the games are defeated and lost on the court but I am also responsible for protecting Boca," said Angelici.

The president spoke at a brief and disastrous news conference he took with the Guillermo Barros Schelotto coach at the Puerto Madero hotel where the Xeneize team was targeted after the brutal attack with stones and bottles that suffered Saturday when he reached a bus at the Memorial stadium

Mail & # 39; First impression of Angelici announced that the final on Sunday as set out in the minutes was agreed to be submitted by Dominguez and Onofrio after Saturday had gone back to become an officer.

But the strong position was to face some of its closest directors as Deputy President Darío Richarte and General Secretary Cristian Gribaudo and above all of the campus as Carlos Tevez confirmed He had to go everything and pay the River with the same money as the second round of Cup 2015.

Onofrio moved his pieces rapidly that nightly night on 14 May at the bombetta in which the River was attacked by a pepper knockout when it came into play half of second leg. It was proof that the players were not in a position; keep their game and rule in Asunción that the Conmebol gave the win to the game, left the "millionaire" room and as a result he killed Boca and stopped his bombbox. That program reinforced the personal relationships between D 'Onofrio and Angelici's Daughter and sadly injured Boquense.

"Boca told me that he is not going to want the points. Anything that changes what we record on Saturday is to lose the word, "D 'Onofrio said after meeting Marcelo Gallardo in the club's convention, where the Night Night team stayed overnight after Saturday.

The "millionaire" president did not want to open a public test on an Angelici new idea and the file that was opened before Conmebol. But the surrounding people have undoubtedly been defined as "detection."

"The exchange should be in the River and with the public," D-Onofrio added a weight on the possibility that the final would be played at a neutral level inside or inside, outside Argentina and behind closed doors.

Conmebol Sources that were deleted from the draft of the draft that moved on the 8th of December to Abu Dhabi from the 18 of that month would require the American sportsman to play there one of the World Cup World Cup steps.

However, it is clear that the fight moves to another situation.


The original text of this article was published on 11/26/2018 in our print argument.

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