River commander, Godoy "Cavern", led to the events that blocked the Superfinal


Héctor Godoy, head of Rio Brava banner, the person to whom the Police of the Town He removed 7 million pesos at his house of San Miguel, in a Friday raid confirmed by the procurator Norberto Brotto, who is searching the ticket sales in the & Millionaire club from last April.

The Department of Police Criminal Behavior was also received almost all 300 places for the meeting in the River.

In conversation with 4 days, a program performed by Luis Majul and that is broadcast by America 24, The "Cavern" Godoy He maintained that he was up to justice.

"I want to say that because of the Friday raid, which happened at my home, I presented myself to Justice through my lawyer Dr. Diego Valente, where I explain to him who he answers the stolen and cleansed ", confirmation.

The head of Bra brakehead spoke at the Monumental events: "A report on the Saturday program I'm really sorry for any partnership I'm trying to make a complaint. "

In this regard, He came to the crossroads of the allegations that he says "The author of the series was unfortunately that happened before the end of the River and Boca".

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