River Trip to Madrid from inside


The river team was burned by a small group of fans at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, before starting on a trip to Madrid, where they play and play; final of the 2018 Libertadores Cup on Sunday.

The fans came to the banners and t-shirts at River and also in their equipment on the Monument's edge, from the place that embarked on a part in two airbuses that attacked the airport Ezeiza.

The charter plane went to Madrid only minutes before Pity Martinez Mendoza sent up to the Instagram in which he sees, as always, with Enzo Perez the other player born in the Our area is our habitat. "Bundled #Vamoslabanda" was the message that was with the icon.

Before the train, the train trained, with warming and technical exercises on a lower court. Tomorrow they will do another at Real Madrid facilities, in Valdebebas, telling the club.

The Marcelo Gallardo campus travels to her; Capital with two good news and uncertainties: Rodrigo Mora's medical surge and Juan Quintero and Ignacio Scocco are still low.

There were a number of players who shared images from inside.

Juan Fernando Quintero, a Franco Armani, who sent on his Instagram, and on Twitter, Rodrigo Mora showed his time with De la Cruz.

"Way to sleep!" We are all able! Unified family than ever! ", Rodrigo Mora wrote on Twitter and shared his profile.

Uruguayan got out of synovitis on the right side, long & In Colombia left a cairn in the left calf. On the other hand, there is enough expectation for Rosario Scocco, who would miss her & # 39; game at Sunday Santiago Bernabéu.

For safety issues, fans of the River can not fire the players, as Boca did. A club sub-commission submissions had signed a sign on the beach track for Monumental for a Tuesday of 19 which was suspended at the & # 39; last minute. The timetable can not be made at Plaza Mayor Madrid.

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