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New electric vehicles can not be avoided with Tesla. Elon Musk's accommodation is the only one that sells EVs today, and in particular, it has made it a great deal to do so; make sedans, when trucks and SUVs are the best cars in the US. That's what the athletic show at Show Auto Los Angeles's Rivian Automotive is the most interesting week. It generates an electric pickup and a SUV, which states that it is a historic vehicle; , designed to build a barrier from the sale of a multi-profit truck sales for the Big Three.

"This is a place for vehicles that have many responsibilities, you can put your game, your pets, your stuff into, and invite you to use them and dirty it, "said the founder of RJ Scaring. He believes there's nothing like that at the end of his marketplace, and this has led to heat prices for poor trucks with lots of luxurious choices. And he sees the chance to sell electric vehicles, designed from the ground up, and make money. Tesla sees the same opportunity, and it's a # 39; promised a small SUV Model Y, and pickup, but without a timetable. As Elon Musk, Tesla has a lot on the albumSouth West Other companies, such as Workhorse, are also looking at the place, but more for facilities vehicles.

Scarin's Scarin opened in 2009, but has been very helpful to this stage. The 35-year-old MIT currently employs 600 people at five sites, including development centers in Plymouth, Michigan (vehicle design), San Jose, California ( self-directed drama), and Irvine, south of Los Angeles, where it is; grow batteries. When I visited that site in October, Scaringe visited me about the resource as a proud parent. I'm not sure if he was considering his & # 39; This but pressured weight, and the engineering focus, reminded me of a trip from Elon Musk for ten years ago.

Ben Moon / Rivian

Rivian is the first carriage of the R1T, a & # 39; debate on Monday, with the SUV to continue on Tuesday. The R1T would be making a good credit for a film set up in 2025. It's about the size of the Ford F-150, enough to look at the future, but still well enough to avoid a & # 39; off. The most spectacular visual elements are the LED lights, the red at the back, and the white, scattered with the face of the Tic Tac at the front.

"We're going to take on the traditional trades of the region's poor fuel economy, it's not fun to drive, it's not good at the main road – making them strengths , "said Scaringe. He promises that his vehicle will be fast, fun, and very capable.

Rivian uses four modes, which should allow 0-60 miles debris in three depressions for truck-and also to. taking the salary of 11,000 pounds. The company also has a & # 39; try out on abilities. By taking one motor each wheel passes the type of drawing control you want for, can, shake the rock.

How Scaringe shows me pictures of the carriage for her & # 39; The first time, he says that the photographers use the location of engine, surrender, and other messages that would enter into regular truck. A powered bucket, with a front, a wooden tunnel behind her chaba, is designed for snowboards, golf bags, or (for a different kind of adventure). There are three 110-volt units in the truck bed to run power appliances or camps. Whatever you put back an anti-stomach camera is checked.

Like Musk, Scaringe is more likely when he goes to engineering information, and captures a pen for pulling boards on a whiteboard to show me a cost strategy. company, to expand the life of the battery. We will pass lines of glass jackets, where individual battery cells are expressed and spread over and over, to identify their abilities and features. Although Rivian purchases cells from a provider, he wants them to understand them more precisely than the manufacturer can.

The company has a & # 39; Using ordinary cylinder cells, such as large AA batteries, built into packages. But then it's very easy to pack two sets of packages together, with the cooling cooling that needs to be blocked in the middle. Scaringe takes a pile to show me "the stream is better done to ensure that the maximum temperature difference between the heat and coldest cell in the pack is less than three steps . " That's important because lithium batteries are happier in the same temperature areas as humans. It's happening again because it tells the cool benders for a battery, a drag system, and a cabin. "It's so cool, the battery and the thermal system are the best parts for me!"

Double batteries help to & # 39; promises to 180-kWh and 135-kWh car parking arrangements for its vehicles. The biggest package that Tesla now offers 100-kWh. His test shows 450 miles of potential range, but is far from EPA tests with an official level to prove that. Although Scaringe says his team has been working hard at the airflow of the air, not the shape of the air, in a very attractive truck, which means driving on long routes has been effective.

At the end, when Rivian is absolutely happy with the pack of goods packaging and her. his manufacturing process, he needs to sketch. As Tesla has shown, that can be a difficult part. The company will have a & # 39; produces a major plant in Normal, Illinois, with delivery in the late 2020, with sales targets of 50,000 vehicles per year in the US.

That's still a whole year since now, which looks like ever in comparison with Tesla's regular commitments for six months, but that's also the case. giving its date a more reasonable date – and this is where Scaringe goes to & # 39; bankruptcy from Musk. He also plans to allow the design of the platform to create a boardboard for other makers who may be adversely affected by EV action, gives the company an additional revenue stream if the sale of vehicles is just as hard as they want everyone Tesla. So those comparisons do not end soon, but Rivian hopes they are favorable.

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