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His actress and Model Model Bobby Brown have been a new ambassador for the UNICEF.

Movie actress Millie Bobby Brown with UNICEF ...

Movie actress Millie Bobby Brown
UNICEF Record during World Children's Day.
Author: SITA / AP, Evan

Marbella, who is fourteen years old in Spain, does not
the youngest ambassador of an international organization that aims to
help children. "It's bigger than a recommendation. It's a great honor," she said
a young artist on the margo of her meeting in a news conference
at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Brown, to play well-known eleven in the successful Stranger series
Things, as a good ambassador, highlighting a number of issues,
young people face the world, such as poverty,
violence or lack of education or shelter. "I will talk for
Millions of children and young people who had the votes were too long
umlčiavané. I will focus on the issues where children and young people are unprotected
people around the world suffer, "said the actress
also represented in places where they could not yet be found.

"In particular, I'm sure children and young people know themselves
rights and do everything for empowering them to be a change,
they want to see in the world, "she said.

Millie Bobby Brown's actress at an event ...

Mrs. Millie Bobby Brown
the provincial provision of the State Empire Building.
Author: SITA / AP, Evan

His actress will be & # 39; supports UNICEF work from 2016 and as a good ambassador
delegation to personalities such as Orlando Bloom, David Beckham,
Shakira no Priyanka Chopra.

Brown, who has more than millions of fans on social networks
UNICEF activities increase awareness of gender equality and gender equality
firearm violence.

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