RKI warns him: flu in the way


Will the year's flu issue be as bad as last year?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) currently warns of a high rise in influenza virus activity and wants to start a major disease; flu in Germany. In the sixth monthly monthly, more than 14,000 cases of influenza were reported to the RKI. 74 people died with flu in this season.

The RKI Flora Working Group (AGI) is currently reporting weekly on the state of its arthritis in Germany. According to the current weekly influenza report, in the twelfth anniversary of 2019, 14,341 cases of flu vaccine were confirmed to the Robert Koch Center. This in a range of activities was a strong increase of the humid, renal symptoms.

The person who suffers from flu is running and coughing, the virus can spread rapidly through the smallest wings in the air. (Image: VadimGuzhva / fotolia.com)

Bad madness

From the beginning of the episode of flu vaccine 2018/2019, therefore 35,051 of influenza conditions know. The RKI speaks 74 deaths associated with influenza virus infections. Given the information provided, there was a rapid increase in flu vaccine over the same period last year. Last year, he suffered a large disease of flu vaccine in Germany and asked for big deaths.

How do you deal with flu?

According to RKI, flu viruses are considered to be very receptive. By streaming, coughing or when you're going to; Speaking of people carried in the air from the smallest virus, containing boils, which are included by others nearby. This proportion of virus is sufficient to cause a person's disease, especially if that person does not have a strong defensive system. Another common way of disease is their own hands. By customizing or typing; affecting corrupted items such as door, hand, handrail or stair railings that contain the viruses from a " surrender to your hands. If the hand is taken forward, the viruses can enter the body.

How do you recognize influenza?

Compared to infection infection, flu is usually used to disease, Starting with a sudden exchange, often with fever, bitter neck and dry stomach, muscle tension, body face, back pain and / or headache. The disease course can vary significantly from personally. Some show only uncomfortable light, come in after five to seven days. In other cases, serious illnesses have severe problems such as lungs, brain, or muscle heart rows. In the worst case, flu is a? killing well. Older people, pregnant women and people with ongoing diseases are considered to be a risk group for serious illnesses.

So you can protect yourself from the viruses

As the RKI recites in a disease of a disease of a flu, its vaccine is the best protection against its & # 39; flu. In addition, hygiene also has an important role. Daily and correct soap laundry which can remove viruses from their hands before they enter the body. In particular, if you were connected to sick people, more attention should be given to it. Also, the mucous membranes of their eyes, mouth and nose should be as easy as possible by their hands. Step is something but something effective to avoid getting from & # 39; Shoe hands and keep pace from climbing and coughing. In the same way, sick people in the home environment should be too long contacted if possible. (G)

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