"Roaring Korea Korea Yu", Zhang Rongwei, "the Green Committee" is a " Most of the vegetable plants "in Rory. Politics | NOWnews News Today


▲ South Korea Yu, Zhang Rongwei, "the largest plant worms in the country" have heard, Green Committee is badly bad. (Figure from the face face of Korea)

President of the new President of the Democratic Party was holding a "meeting party" in Luzhou on the afternoon (18), and the Lin Shufen legislation was on the stage. B & # 39; The candidate for noble candidate KMT Kaohsiung, criticist of Korea, Yu and Yunlin, Zhang Rongwei "is the largest animal in vegetables, now he has been a guardian from the agricultural products in Taiwan, just "the world is above, it is not right, black and white!" Unbelievably, Zhang Jiajun caused Zhang Rongxian to be unhappy Today, (19), he pronounced him on Lin Shufen.

According to a comprehensive middle statement, Lin Shufen discovered that Lin Shufen discovered that Zhang Rongwei heard the largest in the country, and not only does it; controlling national transport for agricultural products. The defender, no one believes. Wang Jinping launched a "Battle of the Three-Point Mountain" campaign for South Korea. The dark density in Kuomintang turned into a clear stream, which made her mind: "The heavens and the earth are above!"

In this regard, the daughter of Zhang Rongwei, who was the statute of Zhang Jiajun, told Lin Shufen today that his father did not buy any locks and lotus plants. Lin Shufen said it was vegetable worms; and the farm farm would be several billion. If you are not happy with the question, "Which farmer who sells short? Give evidence". It's more angry that Lin Shufen does not block him and her; Give her father every time he goes to the election. Now the DPP is in power. If there is any evidence, go straight.

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