Rob Lowe is responsible for taking a break on the college's entrance scanner


Rob Lowe talked against the inadequate college entrance score that supports pupils to their achievements.

The 53-year-old Parks & Recreation An asterisk on Wednesday, the same day Long House star Lori Loughlin and Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman they were among twelve those identified for bribery who were said to have wanted to ensure that their children went to the US senior universities including the University of Southern California, Yale, and Harvard, according to federal court documents not held in Boston.

“I was very proud of my honest son, hard working," wrote Lowe on a tweet written earlier by his son John Owen Lowe, 24, who is thought to have graduated from Stanford in June 2018.

Rob also shares his son Matthew, 26, who is attending Duke University, with a wife Sheryl Berkoff.


Iain, a comedian who appeared in the courtroom comedy The Grinder in front of his father, he addressed the distinction suggested in several of his own tetets. He explained how hard he was learning for entrance exams to adopt the prestigious Ivy League institution.


“I have audited for MISS for the SAT. Twice, sometimes three times a week, he started.

"Tests of test rehearsal. By taking up the extra times and SAT too, everything in the college apps was just a bit of fun, so much weight that children put in for being losing a place to a most unfair person. "


"And tell me: I am extremely grateful to have been given the honor and the opportunity to get the teacher and the costume of practice programs. Many children don't do that," continued John. to it. “And it's really great to think that they would lose their opportunity at school that they sent themselves to someone not to protect them. "

“I am proud of this work. Happy to all who achieved what they did … and really sorry for those who never got an opportunity, "he came to the conclusion.

Felicity Huffman On Wednesday afternoon, in the Los Angeles trial court in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, to attack her purchase a bribe to raise her daughter's SAT score. The judge has sentenced him for US $ 250,000.

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy. (Getty)

Huffman and Loughlin are among 46 people who have been attacked by the US university's biggest university entrance scheme. Lochlin cousin, a fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, as well as senior Executive Officers, investors and other senior professionals, there has also been a complaint.

Huffman was arrested at home in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. Her husband, a actor William H. Macy, which was not paid in the case or was mentioned in the FBI written certificate. But the written testimony says “Huffman and her husband agreed to the plan. ”

Loch Lyne was not at home on Wednesday morning, and he was not yet arrested. Authorities are working to negotiate its compliance. One and a member of Huffman each face a number of letters relating to the scheme.

They are accused of Loughlin and her husband that they paid US $ 500,000 to send their daughter to the USC as members of the team, although they did not row, according to the convictions.

Lori Loughlin (center) and daughters Isabella (left) and Olivia Jade (right) (Getty)

In total, whistleblowers charged costs against 33 parents, and some thought that they had paid millions of pounds for sending their children to the best universities.

It is said that the scheme based around William "Rick" Singer, councilor for Newport Beach, California. Singer is said to have built a network of college coaches to help its clients enter optional universities.

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