Robbing against Ica in Rimbo, Norrtälje – a hunting man to hunt


deJamshid Jamshidi, Hans Österman

The police continue a single robber hit Ica in Rimbo.

– He has shown and printed an army in a room, says Thomas Ibstedt, an officer over the police.

The fear of 22.37 was Sunday afternoon. The ICA store in Rimbo, the town of Norrtälje, has been suffering from roign.

The police have installed your large facilities, including a dog patrol.

– There are many visitors there but it took a while before we came there. Road prevention, among other things, says Thomas Ibstedt at a regional administrative center; police.

The robber was threatened by firearm workers in connection with the closure, as reported to Aftonbladet.

– They are inserted into a room. Then the offender has declined.

The robber gave money in the robber. There are no data about bad personal injury, but the staff were damaged by the event.

During Saturday, there has been other supplies against the ICA store in the department. Then three knocked knives hit at Heby in Uppland.

The police now investigate any connection between the robber.

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Each year in Sweden is reported as much stolen 00:45

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