Robert hundred of a hundred coins were fined, beating the referee of the game.



Robert Procurer, manager of Ratchaburi FC, left the criticism and insulted the referee in the game lost with FC Port 0-1 on 3 March with the team. T Disciplinary Committee, courteous, with fine of 1 thousand baht

Robert – 12th March at Thailand Football Association lounge I attended a meeting of the Disciplinary Review Committee, with permission from 8/2562, by Major Am.y With the agenda to discuss the Toyota Thai football match A league, a game played by Port FC's team on Ratchaburi Mitr Pol FC 1-0 on 3 March.

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After the end of the competition Committed to an online event that Robert Procurer, manager of Ratchaburi FC, gave a press conference What interviews are given which is considered unexplained? notwithstanding the failure of the referee Who is the direct representative of the disability society and lose the profile of the organization Because it disagrees with the referee's performance t

The board has a unanimous intention. To change Ratchaburi FC's team to 100,000 baht depending on the penalty of 2.10 criticized through the media Damaging or damaging the association's reputation or image No lower manager of the competition 100,000 baht and the second time of 100,000 baht was lifted every time. Disagreement with the decision can apply.

According to Major Gen. Amasony said that, according to the Toyota League football match in Thailand At the Port harbor football team had been victorious at Ratchaburi FC 1-0 on 3 March, it appears that Robert Pro Khurer, manager of Ratchaburi, has been victorious. Interview after the game in a way said to have been named by the first referee, "This is a game, the judges who have already picked up the winner, but it appears to have clear evidence. The word that this game, the director, is of the current winner not the criticism, not the criticism. Without honest comments But it's a trial

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