Robert Kubica again in Formula 1 – there is already an official return


Mail from Abu Dhabi

There was no secret or uncertain mystery. There was no big surprise. All journalists who were carrying up at 13.00 on the roof of Williams office and a food office, knew in the Yas Marina route course, what will happen now. That's why, and the team leader, when she stood before the media, she just went to the point.

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New chapter of the team

"I came to tell who joined our team next to George Russell. I am pleased to say that it will be Robert Kubica. It has given us time to come to his co- This determination, but as everyone in their understanding, has a remarkable spirit of Robert and an amazing personality, a great dedication to One Formula. This is all with his work We have been a driver, we welcome the writing. But there are more. The talent we see is very interesting, its information in the chockpit and its engineering & The team's leadership, they will greatly help Williams to start a new chapter in 2019, "said Claire Williams.

Shortly after, Pole was invited to the summit, and was welcomed. – It's a great feeling, good feelings, a lot of work … It's good to come back. I'm glad to send my car this year away directly in Australia – the drivers welcomed the journalists, and started a new chapter of their interesting role and drama. – I know what it's like to be a high F1 driver and I'm not scared. It needs a lot of work and commitment. I'm ready. I'm not frightened to come back after a long break … – answered the questions of the journalists. – The only one who has never been given me and people around me. Thank you …

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Certainly, the Pole has blocked doubts about long suffering in accidental or physical constraints. "If I can not drive quickly, I would not be here," he stressed heavily. – There is no problem with people who have an idea about town motors and my recordings from creations, which are not worried to travel in the water – he added. – The big challenge is to be & # 39; Return to F1, even more to meet expectations, but as I said: I'm not scared and I'm ready!

Methods of Robert

Before the Kubica journalists saw their rivals on the way again, they would see "one hundred percent of Kubica" – a race driver – in a & # 39; Polish, where he had a television interview in the heat for an hour. At any time, a camera dropped one of the television cameras, which was distributed to & # 39; Phola closely under the Williams garage, and banned the interview and went away in the garage to return after a tear break and wet water. Such behavior is not seen in the case of another F1 driver, self-confident, self-sufficiency, which can make the media unhappy. However, Kubica has a lot of sympathy.

Later on, one was interviewed with one, finally a conference for one of the sponsors, Acronis. When it was early in the evening, after dark, the Police set up at our table to give an independent interview to the "Sports Review", We asked him how he was held on a bad and bad day as he was again in the middle of the entire jewel interest.

– I'm on my legs for six hours. Less or less – Kubica smile, after five minutes of speaking for a minute to go to # 39; excuse us. He is sitting on one of the four stallion stands attached to her in a bowl – a series of lights and cameras in front of him, next to Sky television advisor and other live induction. Robert is still full of power, concrete, essential, but also tidy and open. He explains, among other things, why he has prevented him, but at his / her; Eventually he chose to participate in One Formula. – In 10 years it would be difficult to look in the mirror with the knowledge that I had the opportunity to come back and not to use it – she says.

There is nothing to celebrate

When we ask if he had a minute to do & # 39; Success is very successful – the way back to the Formula One is coming to an end, he says "there's nothing to mark". Because he is already on the way. Initially, on the first training on Friday, which is already in place; First prepared for the season, and then on the fire exams that will take place next week. He is already wondering what he will do to give him at the beginning of the season and Williams will be at the moment; main shape in Australia. We can not have any doubts. Robert Kubica returned to Formula 1.


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Robert's passport is higher

Of course, this is one of the biggest results in sporting history. So I have such a personal reflection. Robert's accident happened almost at the same time as I looked like Dakar. I would really like to have a difference in what happened to me in the Kubica case, as I was able to succeed in Dakar a few years later. At this time, Robert's succession of his return to Formula 1 is a remarkable way. If he put forward the results of Williams with a few places, it will be the next step, and if he wants a couple of years he will change the team for a better one, it should be considered good to achieve. I report – today the return to a very successful claim. The role of Robert must be looked forward with hope, because his passion and his / her decision is to be done; It's definitely going to be driving it up.

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