Ròc na Ruaidh to the opening of Point of View International Speech Station


The European Spanish Party has released a timelapse video on the Russian Progress MS-10 cargo cargo ship that was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. The video was built by Alexander Gerst, an ESA warden from the International Spey Station.

The spacecraft was launched on the Soyuz rocket with 2564 kg of loads and materials. Traveling at 28 800 km / h, 400 km of height, the International Speech Station must provide a consistent supply from Earth as this Progress progress. Spaceships will be launched after the Speech Station is being exhausted so that they can be deleted. catch up to the ruin to dock, in this case two days later on November 18, 2018.

The images were taken from the Cupola module built in Europe with a camera set to give pictures regularly. The pictures will then be played quickly after each other at 8 to 16 hours. The video shows about 15 minutes of the standard speedbox.

The speedcraft was to deliver food, fuel and supplies.

This video contains some of the many:
00:07 Divide the Soyuz-FG rocket.
00:19 a basic division.
00:34:05 Basic to start to & # 39; burn in the atmosphere when he returns to the Earth after spending all the fuel.
00:34:19 The promotion of a spaceship is splitting from a rocket and its; come into the orbit to get hold of the International Free Press.

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