Rockstar Games are finally delivered up on Agent


Possibly it's just PS5?

The PS3 reliance is unlikely to be exacerbated in the world now, because Rockstar's parent company is sending her & her; trade mark to Agent.

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This will be a breakdown for anyone who is still hoping that Rockstar has been working on the Dancer for all this time, but they have provided ownership of his & # 39; trade mark.

The operator has been vaporware from the moment mentioned first, when it was released in 2007 for PlayStation 3.

No description or movie was offered and it was a total of two years before they even gave a comment on what it was: a stealth solo actress game set up in the 1970s.

Agent – did he ever have it?

For years there was no other information yet and Rockstar still said they were working on it.

The only evidence from some of the background artists that was badly damaged by background artists, did not show anything but a middle-sized town from the south east and some stairways.

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Rockstar, or instead of the Parent-taking Take-Two Interactive, was updated on its & # 39; trade mark although they were in 2015 to hire for new employees to work on & # 39; a co-op stealth game, which many believed to be an Executor; there.

However, nothing came for that, however, and from this week, Take-Two has been going to & # 39; Provides ownership of the name Agent, according to US design office and trademarks.

If you want to be optimistic, they can change the name. It is also the fact that the Executor is still recorded on the Rockstar website, although it may not be much longer …

Agent – what was the idea? that Rockstar was bringing James Bond

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