Rockstar warns Red Dead Online players Maybe beta progress can not be sustainable •


Rockstar has warned Red Dead's online players that the progress made through the launch beta has not been permanent.

Red Dead Online released beta before, using its & # 39; A first series of players in the launchers launched as a long-term box. According to Rockstar, the slow beta distribution is expected "[ease] Our answers and systems have to play the game that is in place; increasingly bigger "

Unlike many of those called "betas" those days, which are largely as a place-of-the-spot marketing devices, make Rockstar say Red Dead Redemption is a beta as long as What is needed – "which can take several weeks or months" – to create "complete, fun and proactive knowledge".

"We are aiming to deliver a sustainable and fun experience while we collect as many of our essential and possible information to help us & # 39 ; Red Redesign's online development again, "explained in the # 39; a long admission news post.

As a result, Rockstar reminds the players that there may be special circumstances where the progress could be lost. "We hope that all the progress of the player at an early stage can live long-term," the developer said, "however, how many betas For such big online experiences, there is always a chance that repurchasements of a state or other state may be required in case. "

In other words, it is best not to be linked to the progress of your character, despite the fact that a beta test can continue over time.

It's not an amazing publication, certainly, but in this age where the words & # 39; beta & # 39;, & # 39; test stress & # 39; and & # 39; Demonstation is largely used commercially, it's definitely a smart memory for players what they are doing; get in. However, it is unlikely that someone will It's a big idea about a company that makes things like old-fashioned when we have now seen the hedgehog, grief of shame and regret that results when you do not.

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