Rodrigo Herrera's wife just wants to finish her tie to the journalist


The previous vedette step Tatiana Merino For Chile he did not leave a puppet by head. Delivered by the program of exhibitions and entertainments Introduction Chilevisión, the old lover of the comic Álvaro Salas, unveiled information about famous ones.

One of them is the one sports reporter Rodrigo Herrerawho Merino complained about her master's hiding.

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At that time, the showoman said "I know the woman: she has a horrible time, and he says he's single. Now, Rodrigo, get the batteries! More about what I was wrong there in your house! Of course! "He said, giving a hecatomb who even cost Herrera's marriage and health.

After broadcasting its program the sick journalist collapsed in the clinic, according to Glamorama's entertaining portal.

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In a & # 39; dialogue with the & # 39; Intruders program, his wife, Denisse Flores, said "I am today looking for my son and that the divorce will be released as soon as possible. let me tell you ", saying that the examples of their connection are hidden from the public, "it was never like that."

This is not the case ever (hide the relationship), the demand is that many people have come to their. marriage, but was not hidden. He did not have a & # 39; case, "he said.

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