Rodrigo Larraín leaves Cencosud


Financial manager Rodrigo Larraín and Human Resources corporate manager Rodrigo Hetz, company connected to Horst Paulmann.

Important changes Cencosud was nominated for its management staff. And it is that the analysis related to Horst Paulmann states that the corporate manager of Finance and Finance, Rodrigo Larraín and Human Resources corporate manager Rodrigo Hetz.

In real certification sent to the Commission for his & her; Financial Markets (CMF) said its company said that Larra's remaining post was completed by Matías Videla, the current manager of the Shopping Centers department from January 1.

In a statement later, the company indicated that Videla – was 21 years old in Cencosud – was responsible for opening the shopping centers on the # 39; stock market. In addition, he was a leader Management Control, corporate regulator and general manager of Supermarkets in Argentina.

Aged 46, Videla holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires and MBA from the University of Australia IAE Business School of Buenos Aires.

With these motions, Germany Cerro, the current manager of the Argentine Retail Centers, will now accept the Shopping Centers.

With 11 years of experience in Cencosud, Cerrato has been tied to the Shopping Center business. The company started as Unicenter Center Manager, in Buenos Aires, to become a Commercial Manager later in Argentina and Chile. He has also been a manager of the Shopping Centers in Colombia and the Regional Manager of the Estate Development of Shopping Centers, based in Chile.

"Within its new duties, it will follow the Department's IPO process," said the seller in the statement.

Regarding Corporate Human Body Corporate Governance, the new place has not been contacted.

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