Rogaška on the Sail wings eliminating the crew from the top, Domžale continues to & # 39; win without the victory in the guests


In the nineteenth round of the second league of ABA football players, Rogaška hosted Skopje that was second placed and beat 102: 90. Miha Vašl was tested by the three- Once, he put 25 points, ten games and so much help. Rogaška remains a stronghold, he never lost the place even at home. On Wednesday, Helios Suns members also worked, who suffered the sixth season loss at Mostar. Zrinjski was playing Domžale, who is still in attendance; Waiting for a casualty in the # 39; competition, which hit 96:86. At the case, b & # 39; Miroslav Pašajlić was the worst of 20 points.

On Tuesday, Sixt Primorska continued to go on, and won 103: 65 in Serbia and earned eight points in the season, but did not. he stayed still. They were the highest Tadej Ferme riddle with 26 points and Lance Harris, which stopped at 20 points. Helios and Rogaška players on Wednesday.

Second League ABA, Round 9


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