Roger Federer may train after retiring from ATP Tour ATP Tour


Roger Federer may not be getting his final years on a ATP Tour. The 37-year-old, in the theory, finishes his course sometime in the future.

But Federer, after the Miami finals have arrived for 11there then on Wednesday he was not responsible for returning to the ATP tour in a different location after he had won the titles he won.

When asked if he came back as a coach or in another job, Federer said, tWell, they only doubt, because I have four children and I am happy at home after traveling for 20 years or more, 25 years. I don't see that doing for 20 weeks of the year training. I don't see that happening. ”

But then Switzerland left the door open, but a smidge. This hen again, I think Edberg also didn't think he was going to meet again. And I don't need to do it immediately, bigger. So I might be able to give more players or players to come around.

Who knows? I would like to be involved in the game but I'm sure there will be no 30 weeks on the road. We'll be fine, ”said Federer.

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Federer Strikes Medvedev Into Miami final rounds

The 27-time ATP title list at ATP was benefiting from Edberg's return and the Swede supporting Federer in 2014-15, a trip to Switzerland of 11 titles, taking in three shots Masters 1000 – 2014 Rolex Shanghai Masters and two for the Western & Southern Open. in Cincinnati.

“After two very successful years, I would like to thank Stefan Edberg, my youngest image, for agreeing to be my team member. It had become a dream. Although it seemed only for 2014, Stefan was great and agreed to extend the partnership this year, and I loved it, ”wrote Federer at the time.

'It taught me so much and it will affect my game. He will always be part of my team. ”

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Edberg helped the Federer look at his mobile game and its surrounding skills, and Federer, who turns 38 in August, is continuing to improve his game. The three-year Miami champion Daniil Medvedev who was 23 years old on Wednesday with enchanting figurative pictures turned into a deep slice beforehand.

“The scallop procedure on the foreground was no more about trying to evict a falling face and without doing it, seeing how it was going to attack. if there was a sort of bite, like fishing or not. And he worked both. But it is not a play that you can use all the time, because I don't use it, to be honest … That's not the strongest game that is. , ”said Federer.

“Against certain players, chips work better than others. And today I know I have to do a lot if I need to skid, I need to do a lot of work, which is fine at times. At the end of the day I must come over and try to do the plays. ”

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