Roger, the well-known cangaroo, who has been swept away, has died after a beautiful, long life, & # 39;


Roger, the famous muscled marsupial converted from an inhuman joey to a male male alpha, has died at an Australian cangaroo asylum he was over. It was 12.

Long lived Roger.

"It's a really tough day today, because we've lost our beautiful Roger son," said founder and director Chris "Brolga" Barnes in a Facebook video.

The whole world could not be found for this whole unit unless Barnes did not; found a dead red red cangrel with a road in Australia in 2006. A small little bit of bustles; without hair and without need. Barnes rescued him and Roger gave him, after Roger Rabbit, for his incredible ears.

Roger succeeded Barnes, an old national park tour operator called "Kangaroo Dundee".

In 2011, Barnes and his family now built 76ha kangaroo at Alice Springs. A long dreamer; in Barnes to open such a service – but he also wanted Roger's place "and two of his wives," said Barnes.

At the Sanctuary, Roger followed her; grow (and grow and grow) to reach 2.04m (6-foot-7) and close to 90kg. He finally caught up with his ears.

"Roger is the alpha male for many years," explained Barnes, in the year's announcement.

Among the social media works that the Kangaroo Association was often used, jumping pictures of Roger immediately.

Other roos & # 39; are shown for their eyes or eyes to be placed in renewable ponies or their ability to shake soft brass.

Not that for Roger. Posts about Roger were usually identifying most. He just did not find that Roger was. The Post Office is a great deal to break.

"Roger's favorite game is to break his blog!" One post, in which Roger appeared that he put a tin bowl hard for his strong strength.

In its features about Kangaroo Sanctuary, Roger's character is run by Barnes around the gardens, threatening to be kicked or beaten. Barnes explained that Roger, as a male alpha, was seeing him – and all other men, a man or a cangaroo – were a danger to his old woman.

"Every day he wants to drive me out of his country and away from the girls," said Barnes National Geographic WildSouth Westerly

When Barnes was postponed then the gash signals Roger had put his back back with "bra." Once again, Barnes was injured by his right guy who tried to escape on her; roof. ("He wanted a bit of it, there's no doubt about that," said Barnes then.)

Roger was pictured in the picture standing up, Explain something of a sound sound when Barnes got close enough to build a picture.

"The sound it makes makes me take away from his female kangaroos," read the section on one video of the message posted by Roger. "And the red on his neck is an old man that raises on trees etc to mark the boundaries."

Roger's roles turned into a social media star all over the world, perhaps the image among the most fascinating animals in Australia.

He encouraged his knowledge of several of the memories and scenes of Chuck Norris-esque.

Roger could hit Isis all by himself, or at least on her & # 39; Lady Game of ThronesSouth Westerly

Roger Rabbit? More as Roger Schwarzenegger.

He was literally a game leader, many of them noticed.

"Roger has 8 years at Bronx Sore."

Did the other kangaroos be raised even?

Sometimes, he showed pictures smarter of Roger, as when he saw a big gun crying.

"But it is said that he threw his head to the ground when the photograph was taken and tried to push it," according to WHAS 11 News.

In fact, despite being raised more than life, Roger was like a red male cangaroo alpha – and showed the dangers not to be able to; dropping male cangaroo into the wild before it was too late.

Due to serious injuries, Roger could not let out to the outside battle, Barnes said to him; Australia Broadcast.

And since Roger grew up about humans, he feared that he could be dangerous to people if he was traveling free of charge.

"It has been happening several times in zoo and wildlife parks, that there is a wild nature of any life on a man-made animal," said Barnes, according to Daily MailIn the "Kangaroos start boxers. They want to fight. If they have grown up about people, they want to fight with people."

In his visit, however, Roger began to come to old age. The message in the 2016 video revealed that Roger was suffering from arthritis and a healthy vision, and he lost weight, and it was difficult to find at any time in his / her; bus.

In the video, Barnes adjacent "the powerful Roger once" It was very similar to him as he did more than ten years ago, when he found it on the side of the road.

"Roger can never afford his pet as I am, but he's getting old … there is no old man who's fighting," said Barnes.

He let his voice slowly as long as he was going. Think of how Roger could only have left a year or a year – he hoped he would be happy.

"This is my best friend," said Barnes. "It's my son. And I'm so impressed."

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